Sharrah Pool

This has to be the best wild swimming spot on Dartmoor along with Shilley Pool. Don’t get these two spots mixed up, Shilley Pool is up on the north moor near to Throwleigh and this spot is on the Dart River near to New Bridge. A series of cascades feeds into this spot, which becomes a deep pool about 60 metres in length before gently moving off over some smaller rocks towards New Bridge. The area is flanked by trees and has that hidden secluded feeling to it, however as with lots of these places, comes a descending crowd. It can get reasonably busy in the summer months, however a warm midweek May or September day should be fine. The water is as cold all year round, so it makes very little difference!

A still Sharrah Pool

The Dart entering the pool

There are plenty of flat rocks allowing a dive in or a small beach to walk in

A calm River Dart at Sharrah Pool

The exit from the pool