Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge sits on the western side of Dartmoor, not too far from the village of Lydford. It is owned by the National Trust and there are some lovely walks to do around this gorge along well maintained paths. The lower path through the gorge by the river is rocky, narrow and on the edge of the river, providing drama to the path. There are three sets of waterfalls along this part of the gorge. The White Lady falls is a long drop waterfall of white water as it tumbles down a steep rocky face. At the opposite end is the Devils Cauldron which is a very narrow part of the gorge (no more than 2 metres), forcing the water down and over rocks in a torrent of white and brown water and noise. Half way along are the Tunnel Falls a set of plunging cascades under a walkway. This is a fantastic place to be after rain to see the full force of nature.

Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge from the high path

White Lady Falls

Nearby Lydford Castle, there’s also a pub next door to this

Looking out from the Devils Cauldron

Part of Tunnel Falls