My favourite walk

I’m sure I’ve said this before but this walk from Cadover Bridge to Shaugh Bridge and back along both sides of the River Plym is my favourite. Its an easy walk of not much more than 4 miles, it has a fair bit of a climb from Shaugh Bridge (no matter which way you do it!) and it has everything crammed into such a short distance. There’s so much history in this area, with crosses, bridges, railways, clay pipes and tanks, tors, woodland and open moor, its perfect. Then when you get a day like today it has that special sprinkling of Christmas sparkle which makes this walk superb. Its a very easy spot for me to get to as well, I can be at the start line in 20 minutes, which makes it a great half day walk. But what’s the rush when the sun is shining….

Start – Cadover parking
Route – Cadover Bridge -North Wood – West Down – Shaugh Bridge – Dewerstone – Wigford Down – Cadover parking
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 11.45am     Time taken –  3hrs  Highest Point – Wigford Down 271metres
Weather – Just glorious

© Crown copyright 2018 Ordnance Survey FL 2018 SF

Well the weather is spot on for my Christmas walk with the boys, the River Plym sparkles below and Lee Moor rises in the distance

Cadover Bridge

We are following the aptly named clay pipe path through North Wood

Looking back into North Wood as we head on to West Down

A wow view to the Dewerstone

Before dropping down to Shaugh Bridge we had a break and some hot ribena here with this nice view over Bickleigh Vale

Down at Shaugh Bridge now with the Plym thundering underneath

The boys at Shaugh Bridge

Even in the trees it was lovely

After climbing a fair bit we climbed this old railway track which would have taken granite down to the railway station near Shaugh Bridge

My youngest at the brake house

Now up at the Devils Rocks near to the top of the Dewerstone, looking back along the Plym Valley

There was this yellowy bright glow in the sky, anyone who knows what this is, then let me know

The western tors of Dartmoor behind the boys, Cox Tor furthest left

Bodmin Moor to the west

Bodmin Moor again, this time from the top of Wigford Down

Wigford Down summit, Sheeps Tor to the right of the boys

Lee Moor in the background as we drop back to the car

Back at the car, Hen Tor sticks up on the left in the distance. A brilliant walk and one that I would recommend to everyone. Such a pleasure to be out on days like these.


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