Tavy Cleave

Tavy Cleave has to be one of the most beautiful places in Devon and its certainly in my top three spots on Dartmoor. Tavy Cleave is basically a winding steep sided gorge through which runs the River Tavy on its course down to Tavistock. There is a decent path on the eastern side of the river, although in places it does become very rocky and a bit of clambering is needed. There are a few waterfalls, deep pools and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the surroundings. A stunning place.

Cut Hill 8

The start of the Wheal Friendship leat

Cut Hill 5

The entrance to Tavy Cleave looking from Nat Tor

Cut Hill 10

The River Tavy winding its way through the cleave

Cut Hill 12

Tavy Cleave Tors above

Cut Hill 33

The north end of Tavy Cleave

Cut Hill 35

Looking down to Tavy Cleave

Cut Hill 37

Yours truly above Tavy Cleave