Port Quin to Polzeath

After walks in the Lakes, 3 Dartmoor walks and a walk from home with the boys, it was time to get back to the coastal path. We had a weekend booked in Weymouth coming up so didn’t want to head east and looking at the weather report, a bank of cloud was coming up from the south in the afternoon. The north coast of Cornwall was the choice, and it turned out to be a great choice as on the return leg we could see dark clouds inland, and drove home through sheet rain all the way. The walk itself was glorious, a fantastic piece of coastline, some fantastic headlands and a town for refreshments if needed. The beach at Polzeath is a well known tourist hotspot and you can see why people flock to this lovely beach. The start and finish point at Port Quin is another little gem of a hamlet set in a small cove, this time with a rocky beach, a car park and that’s it. Just missing a pub or café to finish!

Start – Port Quin

Route – Doyden Point – Trevan Point – Com Head – Rumps Point – Pentire Point – New Polzeath – Polzeath – Shilla Mill – Roserrow – Porteath – Port Quin

Distance – 8 1/2miles    Start time – 9:40am   Time taken – 6hrs  Highest Point – Pentire Point 83m

Weather – Sunny and blue skies to start, clouded over to finish

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Port Quin, the rocky beach and the tide is in
Doyden Point is up on the left here with Kellan Head on the right
Linda looking across Port Quin Bay towards Rumps Point
The castle on Doyden Point
Trevan Head looking out to the Atlantic
The Mouls is the island off Rumps Point, lovely the dark blue of the sea. Pretty much every step brought a new spectacular view
An arch to sea
Away in the distance, beyond Kellan Head is the island at Tintagel
Com Head, bit more cloud overhead but the views are still stunning
Views west over Pentire Farm to Stepper Point and Trevose Head away in the distance
The Mouls off Rumps Point from Com Head
Looking along to Pentire Point, the island in the distance is Gulland Rock
Stunning view to The Mouls and across Port Quin Bay. We had lunch here soaking up the scenery
Looking the other way from our lunch spot Newland on the right off Pentire Point. Trevose Head in the distance with Gulland Rock off that
Looking back to Rumps Point
Small Copper butterfly at Pentire Point
Our first look to Polzeath
Pentire Point looking across to Stepper Point, Trevose Head again back right. Some lovely clouds above
A WW1 war memorial on Pentire Point, looking back to Rumps Point, looking like a dinosaur having a drink
Hayle Bay and Polzeath, the clear path down on the left will take us there
Nearing Polzeath now, plenty of people on the beach
Polzeath Beach and Trebetherick town across the bay
One of the many smaller coves along this part of the path
Out to sea from Polzeath, the ice cream van was shifting location on the beach. The islands of The Mouls on the right and Newland on the left
Leaving the sea and coastal path we walked the lanes out of Polzeath to Shilla Mill
Inland we could see rain, as we pass Treglines Farm
Another view of The Mouls from near to the Bee Centre, there was rain in the air by this point, but it held off until we were driving back
Back at Port Quin, the tide is out now and the end of a fantastic walk. We’d both loved this section of the path and the weather on this walk really set the place off perfectly.

6 thoughts on “Port Quin to Polzeath

  1. I love that photo of Rumps Point looking like a dinosaur! Walked the headland there many years ago and I’ve surfed my kayak at Polzeath a few times. Not been to Cornwall for ages, really missing the coastal walks

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    • Its a cracking bit of coastline that I wasn’t really expecting much of to be honest, looking forward to going back to both Port Quin and Polzeath and walking in the opposite direction from both spots to see more of the area


      • The walk from Port Quin to Port Isaac is a tough one. Loads of steep ups and downs and with the walk over the fields heading back, a day equaling the effort on a decent day in the mountains. Fantastic walk though and a nice cafe that does top notch fish finger sandwiches!

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