Foxtor Mire

Foxtor Mire is one of the most well known boggy places on Dartmoor. Its history is due to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his novel The Hound of the Baskervilles who used Foxtor Mire in this book and renamed it Grimpen Mire. It is a very boggy place and it isn’t wise to head across this area without knowing where you are going. There is a path across, however after heavy rain it becomes unpassable unless you have waders!! One end of the path can be found at Goldsmiths Cross however it is wise to leave the mire to Sir Arthur’s hounds and skirt around.

Foxtor Mire 1

Stood on the edge of the mire, it was boggy getting to here!


Foxtor Mire in glorious sun, Ter Hill in the shade in the distance

Foxtor Mire 2

Goldsmiths Cross and the path leading away to the left of the cross

Foxtor Mire 3

Fox Tor which gives its name to the mire below

Foxtor Mire 4

Fox Tor is across the mire, Ter Hill over to the left