Cuckoo Rock and Combshead Tor

First walk of a new year and one to hopefully take us to new places for some new adventures alongside old places with new people for some better adventures. I’m really looking forward to getting out this year and enjoying being out. This walk was done on New Years Day and as I type this we have walked 5 times by mid January (so I’m getting behind again after catching up a fair bit!!), so we are ready and raring to go. Being New Years Day we didn’t exactly spring out of bed though, and we weren’t ready to leave until after midday (we didn’t go to bed until something past 3 though!). So we stayed near to Plymouth, and Burrator Reservoir is perfect for walks as there are so many different paths, tors and old farms to explore. This walk took us out first into Deancombe and to Cuckoo Rock, before we crossed a couple of tricky streams and climbed up to Yellowmead Down, we didn’t make Sheeps Tor this time but instead went to search for Rough Tor (Burrator) and its many outcrops on our way back to the car. A lovely little walk of a couple of hours, which would be nice in a summers evening or early morning walk if you didn’t have too long.

Start – Burrator parking

Route – Middleworth Farm – Cuckoo Rock – Combshead Tor – Deancombe Rocks – Click Tor – Yellowmeade Stone Circle – Rough Tor (Burrator) – Burrator Arboretum

Distance – 4.5 miles    Start time – 1.15pm   Time taken – 2hrs 45mins Highest Point – Combshead Tor 365 metres

Weather – Low grey clouds

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Starting out along the lane from the Norsworthy Bridge car park and we reach Middleworth Farm first
We left the track before Deancombe farm and started to climb through the old fields towards Cuckoo Rock, a sliver of Burrator Reservoir is in view now with Leather Tor up to the right
Looking to Gutter Tor in the distance
Cuckoo Rock ahead
Linda with Cuckoo Rock
By Combshead Tor now, Hingston Hill over on the left
Combshead Tor to Sheeps Tor, low cloud and misty conditions everywhere
Downhill from Combshead Tor is Deancombe Rocks
The view out from Deancombe Rocks is always lovely even in these conditions. Straight ahead is Peek Hill, Leather Tor and Sharpitor
Looking back to Deancombe Rocks
Following the path away from Deancombe we head back towards the woods around Burrator
Click Tor and another view to Peek Hill and Leather Tor
From Click Tor, on the left is Cuckoo Rock and Combshead Tor above it, Deancombe Rocks is down to the right. At the back is Eylesbarrow.
Yellowmeade Stone Circle with Sheeps Tor at the back, 4 concentric circles here at this one. It was a challenge to get here as the leat was running high and wide, making jumping a tough undertaking
Yellowmeade Stone Circle and Gutter Tor behind this time, from here we retreated back over the leat (eventually) and into the woods above Burrator to avoid the rain.
We reached Rough Tor (Burrator) and followed the path downhill passing the outcrops to the arboretum, it was pretty dark in here as it was 4pm and the grey skies didn’t help.
More of Rough Tor (Burrator)
And more
And more. The guys over at Tors of Dartmoor split these outcrops into variations on Rough Tor but they all follow an obvious line down the hillside so can come under the same tor for me
The main path below Rough Tor and its outcrops
The last photo as we walk through the arboretum and then back to the car park, this tree was planted for Anne Frank, not sure what she had to do with Dartmoor but I suppose it may make kids read up about her, which is always the right thing. A fine walk for a New Years Day and one to nicely clear the head

6 thoughts on “Cuckoo Rock and Combshead Tor

  1. Great area. It wasn’t actually us at Tors of Dartmoor who split the outcrops in Roughtor… we simply took information from DartmoorCAM and Dartmoor News. Very jealous for those who live close to Burrator… wish I did.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tend to visit Burrator sparingly due to how busy it gets, the parking can be horrific and its always worth doing a search to make sure there isn’t some sort of 5k or 10k run/walk/crawl around the place going on before heading there. I quite like it in winter in the murky weather as it tends to be more manageable then


  2. Used to regularly sleep out in the niche under Cuckoo Rock – of course camping was banned by the water board in those days – a rule we happily broke, Always fond of the Dennycombe area.


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