Fairfield Horseshoe

There’s something about bagging a large amount of Wainwright’s in one go that gives great satisfaction at the end of a day. The horseshoe walks in the Lakes do just that, 5, 6, 7 or more fells can be climbed in a day, putting you so much closer to that magical 214. The classic Fairfield Horseshoe is 8 fells (9 if you do Stone Arthur as well!!) and a great place it is to be. The views to Windermere feel very familiar on this walk and are ever present, however the views across to Helm Crag (which looks tiny from Great Rigg) and later in the walk to High Street and Red Screes are a real treat. Then there is the view from Fairfield itself, I had heard that it was a flat topped fell, so assumed the drama that you get from say Great End is not there. How wrong I was, the view down to Cofa Pike and St Sunday were fabulous and all along Deepdale to Place Fell. I need to go back!!

Start – Rydal Church
Route – Nab Scar – Heron Pike – Rydal Fell – Great Rigg – Fairfield – Hart Crag – Dove Crag – High Pike – Low Pike – Rydal Church
Distance – 10 miles    Start time – 8.20am     Time taken – 7 hrs    Highest Point – Fairfield 873m
Weather – Very warm sunny, with cloud over the middle part of the walk
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Fairfield 1

Nab Scar through the bracken, even at half eight it was warm in that stuff!!

Fairfield 2

A look over the bracken at Low Pike and High Pike, we’ll be there later

Fairfield 3

A glimpse of Windermere from the climb

Fairfield 4

Rydal Water below and the Coniston range in the distance

Fairfield 5

Rydal Water again with Windermere this time

Fairfield 6

Just stunning

Fairfield 7

Nab Scar summit, looking up to the next Heron Pike

Fairfield 8

Nab Scar again, this time looking to the ever improving view of the pointy Bowfell and Crinkle Crags to the left of it

Fairfield 9

Grasmere village bottom left with Helm Crag (centre right), Steel Fell further right

Fairfield 10

Zooming in on Blackpool Tower (70 miles away) at the end of the spit of land in the distance (may have to click on the photo to see it)

Fairfield 10a

Heron Pike summit

Fairfield 11

Rydal Fell looking to the top of the horseshoe, Great Rigg left, then Fairfield with Hart Crag right

Fairfield 12

Great views looking back

Fairfield 13

And better views west (left to right in the distance) Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, The Scafells and Great End, Great Gable (in the sun), Pillar, High Stile ridge and Grasmoor, plus many more in the foreground!!

Fairfield 15

From Great Rigg looking back, Coniston Water to the right

Fairfield 16

Fairfield summit looking to the Helvellyn range

Fairfield 17

Great views down to the bulky St Sunday Crag and the little Cofa Pike

Fairfield 18


Fairfield 19

Views west to the Scafells and more

Fairfield 20

Our kid in the shelter on Fairfield, lunchtime!!

Fairfield 21

Halfway, and the view back down Rydal Beck and all the way to Windermere

Fairfield 21a

On the path to Hart Crag and a better view of the ridge to Nethermost Pike (in the sun) and Striding Edge to Helvellyn behind in the shade

Fairfield 22

The way ahead to Hart Crag (Dove Crag in the sun behind)

Fairfield 23

Hart Crag summit, looking back to Fairfield

Fairfield 24

Next up Dove Crag

Fairfield 25

Dove Crag summit

Fairfield 26

Dove Crag summit with High Street the high point on the right

Fairfield 27

Dove Crag looking back to Hart Crag and Fairfield

Fairfield 28

Looking across from Dove Crag to the Scafells with Great Rigg in the sun in the foreground

Fairfield 29

High Pike summit, looking into Scandale

Fairfield 30

Looking back from High Pike summit

Fairfield 31

Scandale down below and out all the way to Windermere

Fairfield 32

The Great Wall, from High Pike to Low Pike!!

Fairfield 33

The last summit, Low Pike, with Little Hart Crag at the head of Scandale

Fairfield 34

Low Pike to Windermere

Fairfield 35

Looking back along the wall to Low Pike

Fairfield 36

Final shot, across to the outward leg, Nab Scar to Heron Pike and on to Great Rigg as we walk back to the car parked on the road to Rydal Church

2 thoughts on “Fairfield Horseshoe

  1. Superb! One of my favourites and one I have done a couple of times – quite hard too! Excellent photos – looks like you had a good day for it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The horseshoe was harder than I expected. The climb to Nab Scar was tough, I enjoyed the part to Fairfield from there and round to Hart Crag. It was a long walk back down that return leg though. Luckily as you say the weather was with us


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