Knott Rigg and Ard Crags

After a tough walk around the Fairfield Horseshoe yesterday I felt like a much easier walk and a visit to Buttermere, which is a lovely part of the world. Unfortunately walking the Wainwrights rarely means an easy walk, the torture on my legs, straight up the Knott Rigg ascent from the Newlands Pass, wasn’t much fun. Coupled with warming sunshine left me wishing I’d stuck to the original plan of a walk around Buttermere itself. Once on the ridge the views were lovely, however I wasn’t finished making a mess of things and after a sit, just down from Ard Crags summit, I left my camera in the heather at that spot, I realised about 30 metres from Sail Beck what I’d done. Words were exchanged with myself and I turned and marched back up, collapsing at the top!! I decided at that point to just retrace my steps back over Knott Rigg and to the car, before a drive to Buttermere and a well earned cake and ice cream!!!

Start – Newlands Pass
Route – Knott Rigg – Ard Crags – almost Sail Beck – Ard Crags – Knott Rigg – Newlands Pass
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 10.40am     Time taken – 2 1/2 hrs    Highest Point – Ard Crags 581m
Weather – Very warm and sunny
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

It says a mile and a fifth, I don't believe it!!

It says a mile and a fifth, I don’t believe it!!

Ard Crags 2

The high fell is Red Pike with Starling Dodd and Great Borne to the right

Ard Crags 3

Layers of fells, including Catbells with Clough Head and Great Dodd the high points in the distance

Ard Crags 4

The car is down there somewhere, with the High Stile ridge now visible at the back

Ard Crags 5

Nearly at Knott Rigg, looking back at the hazy High Stile ridge

Ard Crags 6

Looking ahead to Ard Crags from Knott Rigg

Ard Crags 7

Looking down Keskadale Gill to a hazy Newlands view

Ard Crags 8

Knott Rigg summit

Ard Crags 9

Lovely Newlands Valley

Ard Crags 10

The bulky looking Sail and down to Scar Crags and then Causey Pike, which is behind Ard Crags summit

Ard Crags 11

The colours of heather from Ard Crags summit, looking back to Knott Rigg

Ard Crags 12

Ard Crags summit

Ard Crags 13

Robinson from Ard Crags summit, it would have been at this point I headed down to Sail Beck, leaving my camera behind!!!!

Ard Crags 14

Back on the ridge after a lung busting climb back up from Sail Beck and looking to the Newlands Valley

Ard Crags 15

Looking to Buttermere in the distance with Sail Beck down on the right

Ard Crags 16

Ard Crags on the left and that view of the Newlands again

Ard Crags 17

Nearly back at the car

Ard Crags 18

Down at Buttermere now, making hay while the sun shines

Ard Crags 19

The stunning Fleetwith Pike at the far end of Buttermere

Ard Crags 20

Similar view this time with more of Haystacks in view to the right, ice cream consumed it was time to head back to the house


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