The Cheesewring, Kilmar Tor and King Arthur’s Bed

I fancied something different today, that and the fact that the military had every range in use and my original plan of heading to Great Kneeset was ruined because of that! So I headed instead to Bodmin Moor for a fine walk from Minions. One thing you notice when walking on Bodmin is how big the tors are, yes some like Newel Tor are small outcrops, But Bearah Tor, Trewortha Tor and especially Kilmar Tor are huge, and the boulders making up the tors are far bigger than those of Dartmoor. It makes for a nice change and helps make up for the lack of height in this area. I really should come back more often, I think its been nearly two years since I was last here, but I’ve now got a list of all the tors of Bodmin Moor so I’m looking forward to ticking them off as well. Should keep me busy!

Start – Minions
Route – The Hurlers – Craddock Moor – Newel Tor – King Arthur’s Bed – Trewortha Tor – Kilmar Tor – Bearah Tor – Sharp Tor – Stowe’s Hill – The Cheesewring – Minions
Distance – 8 miles    Start time – 11.30pm     Time taken – 5hrs   Highest Point – Kilmar Tor 396 metres
Weather – Dry, sunny, cold wind to start and finish

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First up was The Hurlers, 3 rings of standing stones. Not the easiest to photo in one go but the story goes that people had come to this area to play a Cornish game of hurling and the were set to stone for doing it on the Sabbath. Two of the rings have been restored and the southern one left with half standing and the rest fallen.

The Hurlers and Caradon Hill and mast behind

Stowe’s Hill over there on the right, the Cheesewring is on top of that. I’ll be there later on today

First I’m heading past the quarry on the left and carrying on to the trees in the distance, then up and down the valley and back along the right hand side of the photo

The quarry with Kilmar Tor back left and Sharp Tor to the right. Both those are on the itinerary today

Spinning around to look at Siblyback Lake and Tregarrick Tor to the left

The quarry with Stowe’s Hill behind, the Cheesewring is to the right hand side of the hill

I continued past the quarry and reached this wall, I dropped down to the right to a gate and carried on along the bottom, heading for to hill on the left which holds Newel Tor

Coffee stop looking across Witheybrook Marsh to Stowe’s Hill

Newel Tor looking to a sunny Siblyback

Again from Newel Tor to Stowe’s Hill, Langstone Downs on the left

Trewortha Tor is above the trees. Hawk’s Tor the pointy top at the back

Crossing Withey Brook, I’ve just come through that gate there on the left having walked down the steep slope from Newel Tor

You can see the tree line coming down the hill on the right, I’ve walked from there to here and I’m now stood on King Arthur’s Bed

King Arthur’s Bed looking to Trewortha Tor and Hawk’s Tor

If you like your granite rock basins then Bodmin Moor is for you as there are loads of them up here.

From Trewortha Tor looking to the high point of Cornwall in Brown Willy, centre of photo

Hawk’s Tor from Trewortha Tor

This line of cattle had walked from left to right on hearing the tractor, only to turn around and follow it back as it dropped the bale of hay off to the left. Kilmar Tor is the backdrop

Standing on Kilmar Tor you get this great view to the east towards Dartmoor

And to the west to Siblyback, the tor must be 500 metres in length and is one of the best tors on either moor

Hawk’s Tor right, with Trewortha Tor to the left. The hill behind doesn’t appear to have a name that I can see on the maps

The trig point on Kilmar Tor, Bearah Tor to the right of that, then Sharp Tor, Caradon Hill and Stowe’s Hill

The quarry at Bearah Tor, Ricki Martin was blaring out from the radio as I admired the view to Sharp Tor

Notter Tor from Bearah Tor. Views to Devon beyond

One last look at Kilmar Tor

This is Sharp Tor, I didn’t bother climbing to the summit this time

The reason for not climbing was the steep up I still had to do, to get to the top of Stowe’s Hill and the Cheesewring

A few stops on the steep incline gives me a chance to look back at Sharp Tor

Finally at the top and looking to Caradon Hill and mast. That is the Cheesewring to the right of photo

Looking back to Kilmar Tor on the right

The Cheesewring, fantastic weathering has carved away the lower stones more than those towards the top, leaving this outcrop which appears to defy gravity

The huge quarry in front of the Cheesewring which can be seen on the left of the hill. Sharp Tor to the right

Kit Hill beyond the heritage of Cornish tin mining in this area

This is the mining heritage museum. Caradon Hill beyond. Around this area you will see at least 10 of these engine houses all over the hills. This is a great walking area with some fantastic tors, well worth a visit


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