Cofflette Creek, Brixton and Yealmpton

I’d had an idea to walk east of where I lived, ideally I wanted to walk to Warren Point, as I hadn’t been there for 7 or 8 years and its a lovely out and back, however I wasn’t sure how to get there. This walk was about 9 miles over 4 hours ish. I was aware you can cross at low (proper low) tide, from South Barton side to Warren Point, but tide times were the exact opposite of what I wanted. What to do? Well I decided to make it up as I went along, starting and probably finishing along the old railway path from Elburton to Fordbrook. Well as most experienced walkers will know, if you set out without a plan, then things can, and probably will, go wrong. It all started well and I got to Cofflette Creek quickly and found a nice path back up to Brixton.

All was going well as I got near to the hamlet of Winston, when I got a bit stuck, I went off path from a road and ended up within a pig farm, on a track, but with empty pig houses either side of the track. This track then put me on the main driveway into Kitley House Hotel, which wasn’t in my plans. I walked towards the exit gate relieved to see it open. I guess whilst it is private you need to access the grounds to get to the hotel, so in theory I was ok. I took a right and headed down the hill, cutting off just before the main gate to reach the track out to Warren Point. I passed 4 or 5 other people on the way out, mindful that the hours were passing and I had perhaps less than a couple of hours to get back. This path is lovely with great views out to the estuary, which is still tidal here.. I then met an extremely grumpy man, giving the effing and blinding that I need not be here and how far had I driven to get here. I told him I had walked and he proceeded to tell me that this was private land. Now I wasn’t aware that it was and the 5 people I had seen previously didn’t seems to add up to it being private either. I wasn’t in the mood for an argument so I said I was leaving along the same path and ignored what he was babbling about. On reaching the gate at the end of the Warren Point path I saw the signs which claimed it was part of the Kitley Estate, now this never was the case as it was a train line, and it says you can get permanent permits from the hotel (tricky at the moment though). So apparently if you want to walk this way then a permit is needed (and also not to end up like I did, in the middle of the Kitley estate!). The journey back is very simple thanks to the new path from Yealmpton to Brixton (the Silverbridge Way).

All in all this walk was a bit too much on roads and tarmac for me, but nice to go somewhere different, however now we have Mark 2 of the lockdown (The confusion revenge). Where we don’t have to stay at home. Except we do. Unless we can’t. In which case we should go out to work. But there will be fines if we break the rules. So don’t do that. Is that clear? Good luck all and stay alert! Whatever that is!

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A hazy Dartmoor in the distance as I walk down to Elburton

The pinky bush on the right had a lovely fragrance

On the old railway line out of Elburton now

A bit of open space near Fordbrook

Heading down into Fordbrook. The garden centre on the left will be open soon according to the government

Apologies for the blurred photo of Brixton Tor I must have moved when taking it!!

Cofflette Creek

Cofflete Creek is a lovely spot, if the tide is out then you can walk a fair distance out, particularly along the right hand side.

Leaving the creek I headed uphill along a lane, a path runs parallel to the lane which is much nicer

This path is obviously well walked

Fields of grain

Cofflette Lodge having some repairs, the path here winds its way through to the hamlet of Winston

After leaving the road in Winston I ended up in or around a pig farm (don’t ask). I followed the track and ended up in the Kitley House Hotel estate. I’d been here many times so followed the main driveway out of the estate

Some lovely old trees in the estate

I got to the Kitley gatehouse and turned right, down the road and branch off right at the old railway bridge and along the track. This is the Yealm estuary, with the tide in. Tranquil.

Plenty of old railway buildings along here. there are plenty of signs on the right of this path which identifies the Kitley estate, I stayed to the path

The Yealm estuary, in this light it is glorious

Lattice bridge over the old railway. It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine the trains coming along here. The Kitley estate is up to my right and the estuary is to the left

The old Cylinder bridge which crosses the Yealm estuary as it crosses into the fishing estuary to the right

The Yealm Estuary, a glorious sight.

Reflections on the Yealm. It was at this point I met the dog walker and his foul mouth. Saying I had strayed onto private land blah blah. Well its never been private that I knew of and surely a hotel can’t be private otherwise how would you get to the hotel to book in? Either way I couldn’t be bothered to let him babble on about permission to walk here so I headed back out the way I had come in to start my walk back

Some lovely skies as I headed out from Yealmpton

And down the hill towards Brixton

The Silverbridge Way, not sure it deserves a board like this. Its ok as a path as it avoids the main road but surely it would have been better putting money into the old railway track and making that a proper path

As I reach Brixton I turn to look back across the fields

Brixton church, its 8.45 now according to the clock, time to get a wiggle on to get back through the old railway cutting and trees which will get dark quick.

Last photo as I head down to the railway. This was a decent walk, but not one I’d repeat. Need to make a better route out of this part of South Hams. But maybe for now the county has opened after a release of lockdown, for how long, no one knows. Just avoid everyone, including your shadow, unless that is your other person from another household!


9 thoughts on “Cofflette Creek, Brixton and Yealmpton

  1. Shame about your grumpy dog walker. Your take on the new rules made me chortle!
    The Yealm estuary and Cofflette Creek both look superb – you can’t beat walking by water.
    As a matter of interest, was this very recently – I ask because we were out last night to watch the sunset (which was around 9) and then could easily have been out till after 10. I know it’s because we’re farther north, but I’m always intrigued by the difference.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was Saturday night, took me a bit to get it written up. I got home at 9.30 and it was the last parts of light in the sky, where you can see 8-10 stars in the sky


      • Not all that different then. I’ve just got in at 21.40 and ot’s getting pretty gloomy.


  2. All my experience of lockdown rudeness has been online, everyone I’ve met out and about, mostly on my bike has been very pleasant, in fact the willingness for a cheery wave and smile seems to have increased which I hope continues. To quote the old line, that chap was obviously well balanced, a chip on both shoulders.
    Like Mark says, nothing beats a walk by water. I must make an effort for some walks by the Wye near home, some good strolls and some decent swimming as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Some excellent pictures of the Yealm at high tide, so much atmosphere and character. Once upon a time as a child I walked every inch of the estuary and it’s branches

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for the photos and your account of your walk, it brought back many happy childhood memories. I live in Wiltshire now but I love Brixton Torr and the Creek. I always thought I would like to take a boat down the Creek but I never did. I used to stay with my grandmother during the holidays in the late 1940s and 50s at Hill Park a little house (now a little neglected) just up from the Creek. I can still remember hearing the early morning milk train and seeing Johnsons’ ? white open boat moored in the creek with the delapidated mill on the left. I loved Elburton as well, my aunt and uncle lived in one of the lovely Edwardian houses on Sherford Road.

    Liked by 1 person

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