Ausewell Rocks

This set of rocks has changed in access over the last year or so. A brilliant piece of joint work from the woodland trust and National Trust has opened the access and provided a good path (short and long through the forest). The forest still has some private sections, especially in bird nesting season, but these rocks are open. There is a good car park here as well now which can take 20 cars I reckon. The sign for the short route will take you past Ausewell Rocks, then clamber over the clitter up the steep slope to the top. The eastern face is the easiest way up. The views from the top are high enough to be over the felled trees, with Buckland Beacon in view, Teignmouth to the west and plenty of tors around Ryders Hill. There are no military ranges near this area.

Height – 316 metres           OS grid Reference – SX735717            Mark out of 10 – 5



Buckland Beacon from the summit of Ausewell Rocks



To the west from the summit


The other summit is just there behind the trees, with tors around Ryders Hill in the distance




Ausewell Rocks before the trees came down

With the trees felled and a clearer view of part of Ausewell Rocks
New sign at the car park