Clan Tor

Now the name of this one is not authentic, instead it has been given to this outcrop by the fine members of the Tor of Dartmoor website (the link to the site is at the bottom of my Bit about the website page). The name keeps the badgers theme of this area going, with Badgers Holt and Cub Rocks to the south. The outcrop itself isn’t particularly big but it is sat in a nice location, by the East Dart, with Yar Tor above it and the trees of Brimpts plantation across the river. Its a very simple walk here from the Badgers Holt car park in Dartmeet, with no military firing ranges to worry about.

Height – 274 metres OS Grid Reference – SX673742 Mark out of 10 – 5

You can see the rocks of Clan Tor up on the bank on the right, in summer the bracken will be up
The outcrop isn’t huge but the setting around these parts is lovely and its only a short walk from Badgers Holt
If you get caught in the rain you can shelter under the overhanging rock!