Bovisand and round to Wembury

This one is a bit of a mix between walk 1 of the lockdown and walk 2, making for 7 1/2 miles. I wanted to get out and walk a bit further, see the rapeseed fields again and get down by the sea for a stretch. There were a few people out but I saw no one at Wembury beach which surprised me a bit. The guidance from government on whether you can drive for a walk, looks to have been changed/clarified, saying that if you walk for longer than it takes you to drive then that is ok. I’m confused more by the clarification than the original, for me it seems to be aimed at those living in a town centre, allowing them to drive a short distance to get out into more open spaces, lowering the risks of infection. I’ll be staying around my area for the next few weeks, although I could do with finding one more walk which takes me a different way, to keep up the variety. Stay safe everyone.

Heybrook Bay map

© Crown copyright 2020 Ordnance Survey FL 2020 SF

No prizes for guessing, this is the start of the walk, looking back down the road.

Through the horse fields. Fort Staddon masts up on the left

Glorious view to a hazy Dartmoor, or Lee Moor in particular

Plymouth from the path up to the Staddon Heights road

My first peek to the sea, Down Thomas village on the hill on the left

A better view to the sea. I’m following the valley/tree line down on the left to the sea. Its a great path with a small stream for company, the path ends up at Bovisand beach

The path down to Bovisand

Nearly at the beach

A deserted Bovisand beach, the breakwater is out to sea on the right and Rame Head/Cornwall across Plymouth Sound

The water looked amazing today

I sat here for a bit, interested by the naval ship out to sea and some activity around the breakwater

The naval vessel in question

And these tugs at the breakwater waiting for its arrival

Fort Bovisand is on the point over there, Plymouth is in the distance to the left

The walk to Heybrook Bay takes you past many coves and inlets. Rame Head is still in view opposite

There was another naval vessel in view out to sea, one of the tugs went out to greet it and they both came back towards the breakwater

Heybrook Bay

Just after leaving Heybrook Bay you get this lovely glistening view of the Mewstone, or at least I did, at this time, in this weather. If you came it might not look this way!!

Wembury Bay and the church at Wembury, St Werburgh’s in view. The point on the right is Gara Point

Its worth a zoom in on this photo to look at the story. Imagine being imprisoned on the island with your family. And making such a good fist of things that you stay for 7 years and then your daughter stays there for many years after, raising her family, I wouldn’t mind a bit of that!! I certainly remember the guns at HMS Cambridge, you could hear them for miles around

The Mewstone across Wembury Bay as I near Wembury beach

St Werburgh’s

This little fella was following me down the path, it might have been the biscuit I was eating so I left him some crumbs on the next post after this one!!

Bit of a walk from the last photo to this one. This dip in the distance is Wembury beach, I’d followed a path from there up the valley to a road, across that and then up a couple of farmers fields to this point

Joining the road out of Wembury (Traine Road), I see these bluebells, lots of these around today

Looks like the farmer has been busy. I’ve been across here 3 times now in 3 weeks and each time its in a different condition. This time he’s planted his spuds, I know this as many were left sticking up or loose on the path across. I spent a few minutes pushing the loose ones into the furrows as I went past

I’m back here again, the sky is blue, the fields are yellow and the world is a glorious place

Wembury is down there as I cross my last field back to the starting point again

So here I am back near to home, another good walk done. More superb weather, fine scenery and great places to social distance. But I miss the moors and hills.


12 thoughts on “Bovisand and round to Wembury

  1. What a lovely walk. Haven’t been to Wembury since we lost Mr Hicks. We used to go regularly when he was older, so we could have a nice flat walk for as far as he could manage then lunch at the cafe. As for government guidance – since Harry regularly has an hour and a half walk – I could go all the way to Bristol if I put my foot down!

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  2. Must be an absolute godsend to have the coast just a walk away. The “clarification” wasn’t actually very clear. I’ve been avoiding walking from home as it’s all farmland. If the new rules are that it’s ok to drive a short distance for a walk then we are only 20 mins away from the hill. Trouble is it’s a National Park and it’s closed. Also it’s in Wales and the new “rules” don’t apply there. I’m just about to pop out in the car for a 10 minute drive to a very quiet local hill for a change of scene, hoping that the will be ok if we follow the social distancing rules.

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    • No sooner had the new rules had been publicised, when Cumbria Police issued a statement saying, essentially, ‘the Lake District is still closed, stay away’. There’s a complete lack of clarity. Living in a ‘touristy’ area, it’s clear some are ignoring the rules anyway.

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      • How hard would it be to say no more than a 15 minute drive to walk. It just makes it very clear, or if its easier 10 miles max from your door to walk. I don’t have a bike but I know of plenty who are riding on to the moor, locking the bike up and walking from there.


      • Bike then walk seems fair enough? Apart from the fact that Mountain Rescue teams (up here at least) have appealed for people to stay away. I should probably sort my bike out and do the same.

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    • This part of the coastal path is decent although not a dramatic as lots of other parts. Its nice to have it here though a hill nearby would be nice. I did a click and collect collection the other day which meant I drove for longer than it would take me to get to the moors edge, which just felt wrong.


  3. Looks like a lovely walk. What a stunning beach. I know the sea will be shockingly cold at the moment, but if we had that kind of beach near by I would be getting very tempted to swim.

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