Deancombe Rocks

This is a simple rocky outcrop above the junction of the Deancombe Brook and the Narrator Brook in the valley to the south east of Burrator Reservoir. The Combshead valley finishes pretty much at this point before rising up towards the Eylesbarrow tin mine. There is a potato cave behind these rocks and plenty of ruined farms on the way out to these rocks, if you are coming from the Burrator direction. The views back along the valley are pretty good with Sheeps Tor dominating on the left and Leather Tor right of that, up above sits Combshead Tor itself. No firing ranges near these rocks.

Height – 296 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX585684         Mark out of 10 – 5

The boys make their way to Deancombe Rocks, on the hillside dead ahead.

Looking out from Deancombe Rocks. Sheeps Tor up on the left and the cloud down on Leather Tor and Peek Hill

Deancombe Rocks, the lower slopes of Combshead Tor on the left