Postbridge, Water Hill and Soussons Down

Another weekend and another walk. The weather was set to be good with passing showers, however on arriving at Postbridge the clouds were leaden and full of snow. As a got out of the car it started, within minutes it was white, minutes later it was sunny again. These passing snow showers would continue for most of the walk and was a great addition to a new route through new areas for me. The walk is always on good paths and in the main the ground was pretty good. I will also admit that the views from Water Hill is one of the best on Dartmoor, in all directions it is fabulous. The walk was finished in more hail and snow so a quick pint in the East Dart Hotel was had at the end of a superb walking day.

Start – Postbridge parking
Route – Merripit HillAssycombe Stone Row – Assycombe Hill – Water Hill – Warren House Inn – Vitifer Mine – Soussons Down – Cator – Cator BridgeBellever Bridge – Postbridge Clapper Bridge
Distance –  9 miles    Start time – 10.45am     Time taken –  4hrs 40mins   Highest Point – Assycombe Hill 497metres
Weather – Snow, then blue skies and sun, then hail, snow, blue skies, sun

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Down comes the snow at the start of the walk

10 minutes later and its a magical winter spectacle. I’m walking along the road in the direction of Merripit Hill, which is behind the trees on the left

Merripit Hill, which was a world war two firing position, the idea was to lure the German bombers here and then shoot them down. Hameldown is over there on the left and a large snowstorm is coming in from the right

The back edge of the storm is just clearing Bellever Forest

All sunny as I head to Assycombe Hill, first though I’m going into the forest

Looking across to Higher White Tor from the path to Assycombe Hill

From further along the path I look the same way with Merripit Hill now on the left

Into Assycombe Forest, its only a 400 metre or so walk to reach……

The Assycombe Stone Row. I stopped here for a coffee whilst another snow shower blew through

Now up on Assycombe Hill, looking to Water Hill, with Hameldown left and Corndon Tor right

Into the sun with Ryders Hill the high point

Now on Water Hill, with Hameldown behind the cairn

Great views south to Ryders Hill

And north you have Cosdon Hill left and Kes Tor right

Just down from Water Hill is the Warren House Inn, I’m heading into the trees beyond the pub, across Soussons Down

This is part of the old Vitifer Mine complex. Challacombe Down rising behind

The remains of the old tin mine buildings

This fellow quite liked the Soreen cake that I had. Not so fussy with Quavers though!!

Birch Tor lit up by the sun and Challacombe Down to the right as I walk through Soussons Forest

Out the other side and I look over to a sunny Hameldown

Another snow shower to the west which is the way I’m going

This is Cator, a small rocky group beside the Walla Brook. That’s Water Hill sticking up above the trees


This is Cator Bridge, and I’m now following the road along to Bellever Bridge

Yar Tor right and Corndon Tor left

On the road to Bellever I look back at a gloriously sunny scene with Hameldown at the back, Water Hill far left

The East Dart River is in the valley, I’ll be following that back to Postbridge

Bellever Bridge is first though, both the road bridge and the clapper bridge

Looking back to Bellever village, pointy Yar Tor sticking up at the back

Looking down to Postbridge

The classic clapper bridge at Postbridge,. Believed to be built in the 1300s and documented at least as far back as 1650. The road bridge behind is from 1792.


3 thoughts on “Postbridge, Water Hill and Soussons Down

  1. Great weather for taking photos! You’ve really captured the snow in the first shot. We’ve had mixed weather like this all week and I’ve not come close to getting a photo which adequately shows the snow falling. The clouds and views in the rest of the photos are great and I love the bridges. Is a bridge built in the 1300s a candidate for oldest surviving bridge in the country I wonder? Looks like a fantastic walk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve not seen this route before on any other websites but for me starting and finishing in Postbridge it made sense to loop around. The bridges are great on Dartmoor and the clapper bridges are a real treat


  2. I always loved the Clapper Bridges when I was kid visiting a Dartmoor and they are still a joy when I’ve come across them on my recent visits. Those sun and showers days are always great for photos if you can put up with odd soaking!

    Liked by 1 person

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