Hollowpark Rock

On a walk through the Laployd plantation on the northeastern side of Kennick reservoir taking in all the paths through the trees, you will come across this big rock at the side of the path. From the path it looks to be a decent size, but get on top of it you will see that it is a fair bit bigger than first seen. From on top you will get a bit of a view down to Kennick reservoir itself but that’s about it for views. At least getting here is easy with the paths around the reservoir, also this rock has now been added to the newer OS maps (2022) after a long campaign by Max from the Tors of Dartmoor team, he’s campaigned for a lot of things to be added, but this one was successful. There are no firing ranges near here.

Height – 290 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX808847          Mark out of 10 – 4

Hollowpark Rock, right by the path

Bit of a view down to Kennick reservoir

Its possible from this side to get up onto the rock