Knattaborough Tor

Knattaborough Tor is a tiny tor that sits on the ridge between Oke Tor and Belstone Tor, you could easily walk past this one not knowing it is there as there is very little in the way of exposed rock. The views from this little outcrop far outweigh its small stature, across to Yes Tor and West Mill Tor, back along the ridge to Oke Tor and Steeperton Tor and finally east to Cosdon Hill across Taw Marsh, there are great vistas. The easiest way to this tor is probably from the north, starting out in Belstone and coming over the tor of that name. Knattaborough Tor sits on the edge of the Okehampton Firing Range so obey the red flags when they are flying.

Height – 433 metres         OS Grid Reference – SX610909           Mark out of 10 – 6


Knattaborough Tor 1

Looking from Oke Tor, Belstone Tor is obvious but Knattaborough Tor lies between here and there! Honest

Knattaborough Tor 2

Looking up to Higher Tor from Knattaborough Tor

Knattaborough Tor 3

Yes Tor and West Mill Tor from Knattaborough Tor

Knattaborough Tor 4

Looking back to Oke Tor from Knattaborough Tor