Little Longaford Tor

This one is an outcrop in a long line of rocky spots between Crocken Tor and Longaford Tor. This is a small ish outcrop, similar to that of Little Bee Tor however it is a very easy spot beside the main path to Longaford Tor. There is some conjecture as to where this tor is, it is either this spot or the larger outcrop just short of Longaford Tor itself. Most say it is the former and the latter batch of rocks is part of Longaford Tor, and I agree with this. It is an easy navigation to this one, starting out from Two Bridges and joining the ridge over Littaford Tor to this one. The views are always good from here as they are along the ridge, with Beardown Tor to the west, the valley of the West Dart below. Ryders Hill in the distance to the south and Powdermills and Bellever to the east. There are no military ranges here, however further north and west is the Merrivale range.

Height – 470metres        OS Grid Reference – SX616775            Mark out of 10 – 6

Ryders Hill in the far distance from Little Longaford Tor

Bovine and Bellever Forest from Little Longaford. Hameldown at the back

Littaford Tor from Little Longaford Tor. West Dart valley down to the right

The outcrop just short of Longaford Tor, looking back to Little Longaford Tor and the ridge up to this point.


Little Longaford Tor with Beardown Tor through the gap