Rook Tor

Rook Tor sits just down the hill from Penn Beacon on the southern tip of Dartmoor. There isn’t much of a tor here at first glance, more of a scattering of rocks, which spread over a wide area, making it tricky to know where the top is. However head down the hill towards Quick Bridge and West Rook Gate to find lots of small outcrops, some in the trees and fields around that area. The walk here is very easy, parking at the top of the road to East Rook gate and walking the half a mile to the tor, or if you are at West Rook Gate then turn left (west) and walk 100 metres and you will see the outcrops either side of the path and then reach what looks like a quarry. The views are decent, South Hams opens up to the south and Stalldown Barrow is to the east. Over on the western side is the vast China Clay works at Lee Moor. There are no military areas near here.

Height – 293 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX602616           Mark out of 10 – 5



Rook Tor 4

Penn Beacon from Rook Tor


Rook Tor 5

The boys on Rook Tor


Butterdon Hill and Western Beacon from Rook Tor


Across the great scar of the china clay works to Plymouth Sound

Mossy boulders in the trees
There is a good track that leads to West Rook Gate and passes a few outcrops buried under copses of trees
About 100 metres from West Rook Gate lies this small quarried area. The rock face is big and could have been the original Rook Tor
By the track, more outcrops