Trenchford Tor

At the end of the northern spur of Trenchford reservoir is a tor within the trees. There is a bridge which links both banks at that end of the reservoir which takes you to the point were you enter the trees to get up to Trenchford Tor. The tor itself is only 20 or 30 metres into the trees so its not far from the path. Also to the north of this, around 100 metres along the path is Little Trenchford Tor, this one is right by the path and is easy to see and if you are coming from the north, you will see this one first. There are no military ranges near here.

Height – 240metres            OS Gris Reference – SX802829            Mark out of 10 – 3.5

Trenchford Tor, the path is about 20 metres down to the right

Lots of separate rocks for this tor

Little Trenchford Tor, just north of its bigger brother