Wild Tor

Wild Tor sits pretty centrally in the north moor, requiring a fairly decent walk to get to it. The best approach seems to be from the north, past Cosdon Hill and over Hound Tor before getting to Wild Tor. The views from here are excellent, in all directions. Firstly across to High Willhays and Yes Tor in the west and also in the other direction towards Scorhill. Wild Tor sits in the Okehampton firing range so beware of red flags and lights flying on firing days.

Height – 531 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX622877            Mark out of 10 – 9.5


Wild Tor 1

Looking to Yes Tor and High Willhays from Wild Tor

Wild Tor 2

Cosdon Hill on the right and Steeperton Tor left from Wild Tor

Wild Tor 5

Wild Tor summit looking to Hangingstone Hill

Wild Tor 3

Cosdon Hill

Wild Tor 4

Between the tor rocks to Steeperton Tor