Stephens Grave

This is a sorry tale off a young man called George Stephens who lived in nearby Peter Tavy around 300 years ago. He fell deeply in love with a young local girl, however either she did not return his advances or her parents deemed George not to be suitable and they never were together. As a result George was heartbroken and committed suicide by poisoning himself. Any death from suicide could not be buried in hallowed ground so George was buried on the edge of Dartmoor at this spot, hence Stephens Grave.


Stephens Grave 1

Stephens Grave with Setters Rocks behind

Stephens Grave 2

Fabulous views from Stephens Grave

Stephens Grave 3

White Tor behind Stephens Grave

Stephens Grave 4

I guess the S must stand for Stephens (as in George Stephens)

Stephens Grave 5

Stephens Grave can just be seen alongside the track with Setters Rocks further on and Cornwall in the distance