The Newlands Round

Ok, before anyone shouts this isn’t quite the Newlands Round. I’ve done Catbells previously so this allowed me to park in Little Town and head up to Hause Gate and onto Maiden Moor, thus missing out a short part. Still this is still a pretty big walk and gives one of the best views in the Lake District, the Newlands valley from Dale Head. I’d also say the descent off Robinson down High Snab bank is one of my favourite decent routes as well. I’m not a fan of coming back down, jelly legs and sore knees make the down part almost as hard as the up. Snab Bank was a great descent, some scrambly bits, steep bits and lots of grassy gradual bits. All the time the Newlands valley is in view, in fact if you’re not a fan of the Newlands Valley then I’d go and make a cup of tea and look at my other walks, as the photos below are full of all things Newlands!!! I have to say I got lucky with the weather, both Maiden Moor and High Spy were clear of cloud, Dale Head clouded over as I got to 150metres from the top but then cleared as I left, so I ran back!! Hindscarth was clear and this fell took me to number 100 of the Wainwrights!! The view from the end wind shelter down Scope End is brilliant. Only Robinson kept its cloud top as it had most of the day, still once below and descending High Snab I got the view that way. A brilliant walk.

Start – Little Town parking
Route – Yewthwaite Comb – Hause Gate – Maiden Moor – High Spy – Dale Head Tarn – Dale Head – Hindscarth Edge – Hindscarth – Littledale Edge – Robinson – High Snab Bank – Newlands Church – Little Town parking
Distance –  9.5 miles    Start time – 9.15am     Time taken –  7 hrs  Highest Point – Dale Head 753metres
Weather – Cloudy, some of it low, down to 600metres and below at times

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

This one was taken with my phone with a fair bit of zoom, hence the poor quality but this is my first red squirrel sighting in the Lakes, only taken me 9 years!!!

Hindscarth left (Scope End is in front) and Robinson to the right, both have cloud touching their summits as I set out. The car park is down there on the right

A good path takes me to Yewthwaite Comb and past the Yewthwaite mines

Newlands valley

I’m nearly in Yewthwaite Comb but now looking out over Yewthwaite mines, Causey Pike is the pointy fell opposite, that fell would be my cloud guide all day, if that was clear then I had a chance, if not then I was probably in cloud!!

Hause Gate gives a fantastic view to Derwent Water, if you’ve walked the Newlands Round proper and included Catbells then you might have taken 200 photos like this already, as it was this was my first view of it. The fells in the distance aren’t all the same height, that’s the cloud base!!!

A peep into Borrowdale as I climb Maiden Moor

Newlands valley left with Bassenthwaite Lake beyond, then Catbells and to the right of that Derwent Water

Maiden Moor summit, looking to a dark High Spy. Dale Head should be to the right but the cloud has dropped again!!

Newlands Valley from Maiden Moor (Bull Crag)

The village of Grange is bottom right of shot as I start out for High Spy

Dale Head crags look immense from the climb to High Spy and that’s Hindscarth on the right just losing the cloud for a minute

High Spy summit

Dale Head tarn can just be seen below, my next objective

The knobbly summit of Bessyboot (Rosthwaite Fell) looking very dark, Pike O’Stickle is also behind that. Glaramara is up in the clouds to the right

Down at Dale Head tarn and you get this fantastic view out to the Newlands Valley with the sheer crags of High Spy up to the right

Lunch spot, Dale Head Tarn and a classic camping spot if ever there was one. If the sun was out I’d have been having a lie down here and a snooze!

The steep climb to Dale Head, looking back down to the tarn

I’m above the Dale Head crags now and the wow vista of the day is presented. A classic glacial valley of Newlands

Cloud!!!!!!!! Noooooo!!! It drops to about 500metres asl. And I head off to a sheltered spot for a sulk and a drink!!

Dale Head summit, no view, booooo!!!!

Leaving the summit a bit and Hindscarth Edge comes into view, that looks very interesting!!

It clears a bit but not enough!!

A sheer drop after the cairn!!

A dark crags of Fleetwith Pike from Hindscarth Edge. The dip in the distance is around Kirk Fell I think

A clearing Newlands Valley. This is from the narrow part of Hindscarth Edge. One way you get this….

Turn the other way for this. Fleetwith Pike plunging down to Buttermere. The High Stile ridge beyond in cloud

Hindscarth summit, number 100, small fist pump for myself!!

Hindscarth summit

Walking 50 metres beyond the summit you get this fantastic view into Newlands down Scope End

Fleetwith Pike from Littledale Edge

Zooming in on the Honister Slate mine, the road dropping away is the Honister Pass

Little Dale, glaciers at work again!

Robinson summit, you’re just going to have to believe me!!

a few hundred metres north you drop out of the cloud to look along the descent of High Snab Bank

Getting clearer as I descend, it had been all grassy to this point however the downward scrambly bits come in about 100 metres from this point!!

A small dammed reservoir below in Little Dale

Heading for those trees ahead for the final descent part, it had been a great walk as I head out into Newlands again

Happy Easter everyone from Newlands Church

Scope End in the centre, with Dale Head (in the clouds) left and Robinson (in the clouds) right!!


2 thoughts on “The Newlands Round

    • I could see a zigzag path that headed into the bowl below the summit when I was looking across from High Spy, it looked like one for the future maybe. Just stuck to the normal path this time!!


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