Cranmere Pool and Hangingstone Hill

Like Ducks Pool on the south moor, Cranmere Pool is one of those places that if you like walking you will need to visit. To say you’ve been!! It’s the site of the oldest letterbox on Dartmoor dating from 1854 and the tough trudge is worth it for the peace and quiet. The boggy hike across to Whitehorse and Hangingstone Hill wasn’t much fun but these are isolated spots and lets face it you expect it out here! The middle part of this walk is bog level 3 out of 5 even in summer. In winter I’d expect at least a 5!! Luckily the rest of the military paths are good and provide a quick route between tors.

Start – Parking by the road to OP15
Route – East Mill TorOkement HillOckerton CourtCranmere PoolWhitehorse HillHangingstone HillKnack Ford – OP17 – Oke Tor – OP15
Distance – 9 miles    Start time – 10.15am     Time taken – 5 1/4 hrs    Highest Point – Hangingstone Hill 603m
Weather – Sunny but windy
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Cranmere Pool 1

A fair chunk of today’s walk, 1st will be East Mill Tor to the right, Okement Hill, Hangingstone Hill at the back and Oke Tor far left

Cranmere pool 2

The view from East Mill Tor

Cranmere pool 3

And again with Cosdon Hill to the right

Cranmere pool 4

Okement Hill in the centre and Hangingstone Hill back left

Cranmere pool 5

Cosdon Hill

Cranmere pool 6

On the track to Okement Hill, looking back to Yes Tor left and East Mill Tor on the right. Those two had been camping overnight with their young baby and were heading back to their car.

Cranmere pool 7

Same place but looking to Cosdon Hill furthest right

Cranmere pool 8

Okement Hill with High Willhays and Yes Tor beyond

Cranmere pool 9

Cosdon Hill again

Cranmere pool 10

Heading to Cranmere Pool across typical terrain, that is a faint path on the right which took me all the way to Cranmere

Cranmere pool 11

Looking back along the ‘track’!!

Cranmere pool 12

Cranmere Pool and two fellas having a snooze!!

Cranmere pool 13

Cranmere Pool Letterbox

Cranmere pool 14

Boggy across here. The head of the East Dart river is in the picture, the head of the Taw river is behind me and Cranmere Pool to my right!!

Cranmere pool 15

Whitehorse Hill, unfortunately the cairn is now on the floor. The burial site is under the peat mound on the right

Cranmere pool 16

Fernworthy Forest from Whitehorse Hill

Cranmere pool 17

Whitehorse Hill with High Willhays in the distance left and Hangingstone Hill to the right

Cranmere pool 18

Hangingstone Hill looking to Cosdon Hill on the right

Cranmere pool 19

Same place but looking to High Willhays and Yes Tor

Cranmere pool 20

Obs post on Hangingstone Hill with Cut Hill behind

Cranmere pool 21

Hangingstone Hill (you can just make out the Obs post on top)

Cranmere pool 22

Heading down to Knack Ford, with Steeperton Tor to the right

Cranmere pool 23

Knack Ford, which meant a head dunk as it was getting warm

Cranmere pool 24

OP17 looking to Oke Tor and Belstone Tor behind

Cranmere pool 25

Oke Tor looking to High Willhays and Yes Tor

Cranmere pool 26

Oke Tor looking back to Steeperton Tor to the left and Hangingstone Hill in the distance

Cranmere pool 27

Looking in the direction of the car, with East Mill Tor to the left

Cranmere pool 28

Back at the start after a lovely walk around north Dartmoor


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