Ockerton Court

This is a small pool situated behind Okemont Hill on the north moor. There is an army track that leads all the way to this spot where it stops. This pool is also on one of the more popular routes to Cranmere Pool and it’s letterbox, in fact it is probably the best way as the track leading to Ockerton Court takes you to within a mile of the pool, its also a good marker to be able to find the track when returning from Cranmere Pool. It’s a lovely spot with great views across to High Willhays and Yes Tor.

Ockerton Court 1

Approaching from the Cranmere Pool side, Ockerton Court with Cosdon Hill peeking up behind

Ockerton Court 2

Lovely views to High Willhays and Yes Tor across Ockerton Court

Ockerton Court 3

Standing by the track from Okemont Hill, Great Kneeset this time behind Ockerton Court