East Dart Waterfall, Broad Marsh and Sandy Hole Pass

Finally Spring has arrived, lots of sunshine, warmer temperatures and a busier Dartmoor as a result!! This was a walk in a popular area but away from the crowds and avoiding the busier paths, the route out from Postbridge to Stannon Farm allows a quieter approach to the East Dart waterfall, and the area of Winney’s Down and Broad Marsh is always people free. It was good to be out this weekend, its felt like a long winter and the clocks going forward meant the sun was still quite high when I finished at 5pm. Plenty of lambs in the farm fields, daffodils on the roadsides, primroses, gorse in flower and the skylark overhead, just brilliant. I had a decent meal in the East Dart pub afterwards as well, which was a good way to finish a cracking day. More of these weekends if you please!!

Start – Postbridge Clapper parking
Route – Stannon Farm Bridge –  Stannon FarmStannon TorBeehive HutEast Dart WaterfallWinney’s DownStatts HouseBroad Marsh – Kit Steps – Flat TorBroada StonesSandy Hole PassSandy Hole Rocks – East Dart Waterfall – Broadun RocksPostbridge Clapper Bridge – Postbridge parking
Distance –  10 miles    Start time – 11.45am     Time taken –  5 hrs 10mins Highest Point – Flat Tor 539metres
Weather – Blue skies and sunshine, breezy all round

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Starting along the B3212 and a fab display of daffodils on the roadside

The track to Stannon Farm, the sky looks blue and sun is warm, shame the wind is blowing but you can’t have it all. Stannon Tor is above the track in the distance

Stannon Tor behind Stannon Farm

Strange what you notice some days, walking to Stannon Farm I noticed the stream, stepped off the path to see this simple little bridge

Climbing up to Stannon Tor and looking back down to Stannon Farm

A wowser view from Stannon Tor

Broadun Rocks and Higher White Tor on the other side of the valley from Stannon Tor. I’ll be on the former later.

Winneys Down from Stannon Tor, I’m heading in that direction next

The Beehive Hut near to the East Dart River

Looking out along the East Dart valley

First of two visits to the East Dart waterfall. It was idyllic here today

The planes make a star in the sky as I look to Sandy Hole Pass, I’ll come back that way later

It looks stunning up here but the stiff wind was keeping me moving

The path up from the waterfall across Winney’s Down towards Statts House was a good one for the first half, it then turned towards Sittaford Tor, leaving me a boggy trudge the rest of the way. Whitehorse Hill above the path, with Statts House up to the left

Statts House (old peat cutters hut) with Cut Hill in the distance

The path to Sittaford Tor

Broad Marsh, with Sandy Hole Pass beyond. I have attempted to walk across here in the past, I won’t again!!!

Kit Steps and the East Dart river below, Winneys Down in the distance

Looking downstream to Sandy Hole, I’ll be there in a bit but first a loop up to Flat Tor

On Flat Tor with Willbanks Hill left and Rough Tor right

Flat Tor and flat ground!! Ahead in the area they have called the Mires Project, searching online this is an area where they are trying to regenerate the boggy, peaty ground that Dartmoor is famous for, after years of tinning which has dried large parts up

From Flat Tor to Whitehorse Hill

Now down at Broada Rocks after walking from Flat Tor along Cowflop Bottom, Broad Marsh is behind Broada Rocks, Sandy Hole is to my right

Looking back to the Broada Stones across Cowflop Bottom, with Cut Hill beyond those

Heading into Sandy Hole Pass, you can see how the tinners narrowed the river at this point to increase the river speed, in order to help carry the spoil away.

Out of the pass and following the right hand bank to the East Dart waterfall again

The southern entrance to Sandy Hole Pass

Take two of the waterfall

Broadun Rocks with Cut Hill highest at the back

The great wall to Broadown Tor, Higher White Tor off to the left

Looking down to Postbridge and the forest at Bellever

Broad Down left and Hartland Tor right, the East Dart valley in between

Every time I walk past this house my eyes turn green with envy!!!

Spring has sprung!!!!!

The 13th century Postbridge clapper bridge and the East Dart passing under it.


3 thoughts on “East Dart Waterfall, Broad Marsh and Sandy Hole Pass

  1. Great walk, my mate and I did pretty much the same route a few weeks ago. Looks like you had better weather than us though!

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