Shilstone Tor parking

This area of parking sits in the north eastern quadrant of Dartmoor, near to the village of Throwleigh. A narrow road runs from Ramsley down to Higher Shilstone providing a number of small car parking spots along its length. The largest of these is by the main path up to Shilley Pool with another by Shilstone Tor itself. You won’t get more than 2 or 3 cars in each spot apart from the Shilley Pool one where a dozen or so cars can get in. The walks from here are good with Cosdon Hill within reach alongside Hound Tor and perhaps even Hangingstone Hill. Keep in mind the number of marshes and mires in this area though with Gallaven Mire, Ruelake Pit, Taw Marsh and Raybarrow all not far from Throwleigh.



Parking by Shilstone Tor


Same car park with the tor rocks

The larger Shilley Pool car park