Lee Moor parking

These are a few spots of parking from the village of Lee Moor along to Cornwood. Bare in mind that the road now over Crownhill Down, from Plympton to Lee Moor, has changed hugely since the creation of the new tungsten mine. Three of these spots are just laybys at the side of the road, with the only actual car parks being the one nearest to Whitehill Tor and the small one nearest to Cornwood. The car park by Whitehill Tor will easily fit 15 cars, although trucks for the china clay works sometimes park here, taking up space. The other roadside parking areas will take 3 or 4 cars, with the one by Quick Bridge easily taking 8 cars. Lee Moor village itself is also available, however rarely will these car parking spots ever get full.



The car park nearest to Whitehill Tor, plenty of space but beware the clay works trucks
The car park nearest to Cornwood