A chance of a walk with the boys, but not very far at all from home. We’d spent the morning planting seeds to grow veg during the year, had some lunch before heading out for a walk in some sunshine. This walk is around the National Trust property of Saltram, the normal route around the mainly tarmac path is pretty busy, but the perimeter path is a good option for a quieter walk for more of the route, plus a bit longer. To be honest the walk was irrelevant as we just yapped all the way around and the walk zipped by.

Stag Lodge at the start of the walk
Along the track, which is now the exit from the car park. Some great Scotch Pine trees along here
Along the perimeter path
Its a lovely path here, plenty of celandines, daffodils, primroses and wild garlic starting to push through
The River Plym
The Plym on the left, this is part of the West Devon Way
This is the marsh beside the Plym, plenty of wading birds in here including Egrets (on the right of the photo, the white birds)
Across the marsh and down the Plym estuary
We climbed the hill to reach the bridge over the A38
Saltram House is in view alongside plenty of parked cars
Plymouth Sound in view
Rhododendrons in flower
The stag at Stag Lodge as we finish the walk

2 thoughts on “Saltram

    • Nice to be in a busy area and not see too many people as well. Thankfully we have passed all that stay nearby nonsense, out and back in a day now for me. More seaside walks and further afield on Dartmoor hopefully

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