Another National Trust walk to go nicely with my last one a couple of days ago at Cotehele. The good part about a Trust walk is the grounds tend to be full of trees, and at this time of year they give good colour and help with the photos, even if they are taken on a phone. Saltram hasn’t yet featured on any of my walks on this site, which is strange as its only a mile or two from home. I guess I have taken advantage of the place and rarely taken a camera with me. Today I tried to make up for my errors as this is a lovely place, and can be very, very popular at weekends, being the go to place with people from Plymouth. If you want a good walk, with less people for at least half the walk, then the perimeter path is a good one to take.

Starting out, I headed up from the car park down there to the top path, Plymouth is sprawling behind the trees
A bench with a view, Saltram House is down there, a classic Georgian mansion
Some fine colours at this time of year
Blagdon Meadow, a fine birdspotters place. A small wetland but has plenty to see
The River Plym runs alongside this path (which is actually part of the West Devon Way). The water must be a little cold as these ducks aren’t keen on dipping their toes in it
The path opens with the River Plym on the right
The folly, this is a sight which is seen easily from the main road into Plymouth which is across the river
The Plym
Back along the path towards the house and the car
Plenty of paths and more fine trees in colour
A bit blurry but this little squirrel was foraging all around this tree trunk and in the tree above us picking nuts. Obviously looking for the fallen nuts on this stump
I’d picked a good hour or two to be out. The cloud had cleared from this morning and I hadh some fine blue skies and sunshine breaking through the trees
Saltram House
Back at the car and a view down towards Plymouth

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