Crazywell Pool and Devonport Leat

I had a call from some friends who were down for the week, just over the border in Cornwall. they wanted a walk on Dartmoor, which would a) tire the kids out a bit, b) take in a leat and finally show them some tors and rocks. I figured Burrator was a good starting point and the Devonport Leat was the target, heading off up the path from Norsworthy Bridge, up to Crazywell Pool and back along the leat. As it turned out the weather was brilliant, warm, but not too warm. We saw everything on the list, including Dartmoor ponies, sheep and a cross!! Cracking walk.

Start – Norsworthy Bridge
Route – Crazywell PoolCrazywell CrossDevonport Leat – Raddick Hill – Leathertor FarmLeather Tor BridgeNorsworthy Bridge
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 10.45am     Time taken –  2 hr 15 mins    Highest Point – Above Crazywell Pool 380m
Weather – Bright, sunny, warm = lovely
Crazywell Pool map

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Crazywell Pool 1

High on the path to Crazywell Pool, we look back to see Burrator Reservoir with Leather Tor up on the right

Crazywell Pool 2

Crazywell Pool with Leather Tor and Sharpitor behind

Crazywell Pool 3

From the same spot looking over to Down Tor with Sheeps Tor to the right

Crazywell Pool 4

Crazywell Cross with Sheeps Tor to the left of it and Burrator above

Crazywell Pool 5

An overgrown Devonport Leat with North Hessary Tor and Princetown mast beyond

Crazywell Pool 6

Raddick Hill and the Devonport Leat as it cross the aquaduct

Crazywell Pool 7

Following the leat as it heads to the forest above Burrator

Crazywell Pool 8

Looking back along the valley, Black Tor in the distance on the left

Crazywell Pool 9

Down Tor above the trees

Crazywell Pool 10

Leathertor Farm

Crazywell Pool 11

Leather Tor Bridge

Crazywell Pool 12

And back to Norsworthy Bridge at the end of a fantastic 2 hour walk


One thought on “Crazywell Pool and Devonport Leat

  1. Fascinating looking walk. I haven’t been back to Dartmoor since I was a kid. We used to holiday in Westward Ho! and a day trip to Dartmoor was always a highlight. I need a trip down there to explore some of the sights and rekindle some old memories

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