Brimhill Tor

Like nearby Kents Tor, this one could be a bit naughty. I think it is supposed to be on private land however there are no signs on the gates I went through and the water board reservoir is clearly fenced off from this tor, so I’m not sure. However for me if you get to the black arrow on the map, via the public paths then head down the lonning to the gate, head through and through a second gate, you will clearly see that the water board area is fenced off. Once passing through the second gate head into the trees to the right, Brimhill Tor is just in the trees. In spring the area will have bluebells everywhere. There are no views and no military areas near here.

Height – 210 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX516794          Mark out of 10 – 5

The first sight of Brimhill Tor

Behind the greenery to Brimhill Tor

Bluebells in spring from Brimhill Tor