Burra Tor

As its name suggests this one lies just to the south east of the dam and reservoir of the same name. The access is easy, as you cross over the dam look out for a stile over a fence in the corner. The tor is 50 metres up the hill and spread over a smallish area. The views are restricted, in the summer especially, due to the trees however is winter you can get some views back down to the dam and across to Claig Tor, on the opposite side of the valley. If you are doing a circuit of the reservoir then include this one as an easy tick on a list.There are no military areas near this tor.

Height – 235 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX552679            Mark out of 10 – 4



Burra Tor in the trees


The second rocky outcrop on Burra Tor


Looking down from Burra Tor towards the dam, the view is a little more open in winter without the leaves on the trees