Coombe Down Tor

This is a lovely little tor sat on the side of Coombe Down, just down the hill from Shapley Tor. The views are everything from this spot and you get some fantastic vistas out to the east of Dartmoor past Easdon Tor all the way around to Cosdon Beacon in the north. There is a fair bit of granite here which sits either side of a farm wall, meaning the small outcrop just inside the wall is out of bounds, however there is more than enough to bag the tor on the open access land and sit and enjoy the view. To get here, either drop down the path which runs downhill from between Hookney Tor and Shapley Tor, its just a short trudge from that path to this tor. Otherwise it is uphill from the hamlet of West Coombe along the same path, just coming from the other direction. There are no firing ranges near here.

Height –           OS Grid Reference –          Mark out of 10 – 8

Views to Easdon Tor and Honeybag Tor from Coombe Down Tor

To the east the views are superb

To the north is Cosdon Beacon and Meldon Hill to the right

The small part on the farmland is visible from a number of gates in the wall. That easterly vista beyond the tor and wall