Hockinston Tor

Now this is a list of tors with some tors being easier to get to than others. This one sits in the difficult category, not because it is on private land, more because the area sits at a very steep gradient, covered in mossy clitter and trees. There are rocks everywhere and this is real ankle breaking territory. It might be worth going here with a friend as a fall could be dangerous and there are no marked paths through the woods. To make matters worse the main Two Moors Way path above is cut off by thigh high thick gorse, making it very difficult to reach the trees in the first place. All I can advise is to take a GPS or be brilliant at map reading, head exactly for the two indicated dots on the OS maps that marks Hockinston Tor. You will find the top outcrop with a holly bush on top and a small opening which gives a view over to North Tor. This is probably the hardest tor to get to on my list, its all easy from here on in!! There are no military firing ranges near this tor

Height – 220 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX695719            Mark out of 10 – 5


Hockinston Tor, in the trees

North Tor from Hockinston Tor

The holly tree on Hockinston Tor

Sharp Tor through the trees