Lizwell Rock

This is a decent sized rock which sits south west of the meeting point of the West and East Webburn rivers. It is deep within Leusdon Woods, and requires a bit of nimble footwork to get there. It is a fairly steep decent down from Blackadon Tor, and if its summer then there will be bracken to contend with. My advice is stick to the left hand wall past Blackadon Tor, until you get in the trees, then head down and right a bit, watching your footing as you go. It will mean that you have to come back the same way however. Once at the area of the rock, you will see a grassy flatish spot about 5m by 5m which looks like it could have a rock under it. It does and rounding the outcrop you will see the unmistakeable split down the centre which helps identify this rock.

Height – 200 metres OS Grid Reference – SX713736 Mark out of 10 – 4

A damp day at Lizwell Rock, below the rivers West and East Webburn meet
The split in Lizwell Rock, the top covered in greenery. From this side the rock is far bigger than is thought from above
And the other side