Slade Copse Tor

This tor sits beside a narrow lane which leads from Slade Cross, south west, towards Hatherleigh. The outcrop itself sits on the opposite side of the road from the house of the same name within the woodland, some of it stretches a 100 metres into the woodland but can’t be seen as its private. Part of rock itself is right by the road however with more larger boulders behind it just inside the trees which allows for an easy bag. Most are covered by greenery and the best time to see them will be in the winter months. In the garden and above the Slade Acre house is Slade Acre Rock but this isn’t much to talk about so won’t be on my list. The views are ok, if you peer over the house hedge southwards towards Bovey Tracey. There are no military areas near this outcrop.

Height – 150metres OS Grid Reference – SX798810 Mark out of 10 – 4

Slade Acre Rock on my left here and the fence of the house on the right
Covered in greenery
Bigger boulders behind if you peek in through the hedge

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