Smallacombe Rock

This is a decent sized rocky outcrop lying down the hill from Little Links Tor, in the direction of Nodden Gate. Now don’t get this one confused with Smallacombe Rocks, near to Haytor (notice the ‘s’ on the end), its the other side of the moor, also this one does go by the name of Little Arms Tor. You can see the outcrop from Little Links, but its a bit further away than it looks and requires you to descend lower than Arms Tor in order to reach it, which is a bit annoying if you planned to next walk to Arms Tor! The views from here are a little stunted by the drop in altitude, however they are still good out towards Cornwall across Nodden Gate, and also being this low down you get a different view up to Great Nodden and on to Sourton Tor and Corn Ridge. The easiest route here is to cross at the Lyd Stepping Stones and head under Arms Tor to this outcrop. There are no military firing ranges immediately around this tor.

Height – 418metres           OS Grid Reference – SX541868           Mark out of 10 – 5

Looking to Cornwall and Kit Hill from Smallacombe Rock. The dark ridge in front leads to Great Nodden

Almost the same view as above but this time from Little Links Tor looking down to Smallacombe Rock

North with Great Nodden on the left and the Corn Ridge up on the right