Broadsands to Brixham

Today was my first proper walk after Lockdown 2 The Revenge had started, and as it turned out this was also the end of the blonde buffoon in the good old United States. For me, during this lockdown, I’ve kind of drawn a line from Tavistock across to Bovey Tracey and decided to stay south of that, regarding a short drive for a walk, which means that I can go to south Dartmoor and South Hams. I haven’t a clue what they mean when it comes to the lockdown rules and have given up long ago trying to understand our own UK blonde and his ramblings. So I’ve made my own 30 minute drive rule and will stick to that, unless told not to by Her Majesty’s finest. Either that or I will tell them that I am going to work, which means I can drive as far as I need to, go figure. This walk is a pretty popular one, the car park at Broadsands gives direct access to the beach and is a short walk from the popular Elberry Cove. From the other side there are plenty coming out from Brixham or coming up or down along the John Musgrove Heritage Trail. This trail was created in honour of the Chairman of the South Devon Ramblers, John Musgrove, its a 35 mile ramble which starts up at Maidencombe (north of Torquay) heads in to Totnes before heading back south east to Brixham. John lived in Torquay and its a fine memorial to him. For me it was all about a nice short walk along the coastal path, a pasty in Brixham and back to the car at Broadsands. The weather was good, with the odd bit of sun between cloudy sections and it certainly lifts the spirits after a week of work and hardly any outdoors time.

Start – Broadsands

Route – South West Coast Path – Elberry Cove – Fishcombe Point – Churston Cove – Brixham Harbour/Golden Hind – John Musgrove Heritage Trail – Churston Ferrers – Broadsands

Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 11am    Time taken – 3hrs 50mins Highest Point – JM Heritage Trail 50metres

Weather – Mainly cloud, some of it low across the bay, fair bit of sunshine breaking through

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Broadsands beach looking a bit murky, the tide is in and that way is Paignton
Out into Torbay and there are 5 cruise ships docked. These have become a bit of a tourist attraction of the southern coast. They dock here as its obviously cheaper than in port
My youngest proves the point that boys will climb anything and walk along it. 5 minutes after this photo he was rolling down a grassy bank. If I hadn’t of likely bust a hip I’d have joined him
Selfie of the 3 of us
The cruise ships can be seen to the left and ahead as we round the headland to Elberry Cove
More of Torbay. Its a bit hazy and cloudy to get a decent view across the bay
Elberry Cove beach
In this cove there were at least two seals, great for the boys to get close up to them. Just a shame I didn’t have my long lens with me
Through the woodlands to Fishcombe Point, there were plenty of rocky cliffs to our left along here which were being used by climbers for some fine climbing over the sea and rocks
Cruise liner through the trees
Round to Churston Cove now, you can see the pier which covers Brixham up in the top left hand corner
Churston Cove and more black blobs sticking up in the sea
Out of Churston Cove to the liners and the lighthouse at the end of the pier
Two of these in the cove, a popular area for seals for sure. my boys were made up to see them
Around now to the gun battery after Churston Cove. This battery covered the whole of Torbay (6000 yards) during WW2
Churston Cove is over there and Torbay out to the right
A sign telling you about the battery here on the headland, those cruise ships would have been in range easily
Rounding the corner into Brixham
Selfie time again
The inner harbour has a full size replica of the Golden Hind
All the info needed is on the side of the hut
The Golden Hind (replica, one of two). It was much smaller than I remembered. imagine sailing around the world in something this size. Sir Francis Drake did in the 1570s. the other replica is in London
Up the steps in Brixham
The park above the harbour gives some nice views out to sea. We are picking our way back to Broadsands, a little inland from the coastal path
Along the John Musgrove Heritage Trail which lead to Churston Ferrers
Churston Ferrers
Out to sea as we near Broadsands
Back at Broadsands and the tide has receded at the end of a fantastic little walk
On the way back home I passed a brewery that I’ve seen at beer festivals in the area. It would have been rude to not stop. Luckily they were open and I picked up a few bottles of this great session beer which I’ve had once or 10 times. Here’s to the lockdown!!

4 thoughts on “Broadsands to Brixham

  1. Seem to recall the Brixham replica was used in the Sir Francis Drake TV series when I was a lad – now running on Talking Pictures TV every week.

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  2. I’m missing some coastal walks. Past few years I’ve been for a weekend away down in Padstow in November stopping off in Dartmoor. Lockdown has put paid to that this year.
    I guess picking up a takeaway beer is the next best thing to a proper pint on the walk in current circumstances 😀

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