Smith Hill Tor

This is a small rocky outcrop, beside a lane leading east out of Cudlipptown. Its a nice spot for a tor and no doubt you will visit this place either on you way up to the high moor around White Tor or on your way back down. If you have started out from Peter Tavy then you have the fine pub to look forward to, just a short distance away. The outcrop is just downhill from Smith Hill Clapper Bridge and isn’t too large but easily found at the side of the lane. Not too much in the way of views, being surrounded by farmers fields but it is easy to get to. No military ranges at this tor but east, on White Tor, and northeast up towards Wapsworthy is the Merrivale Firing Range, so be wary heading that way.

Height – 260metres           OS Grid Reference – SX523787          Mark out of 10 – 4

The mossy Smith Hill Tor

A little in the trees

But not far from the lane. The way I’m looking is the direction to take on to Dartmoor proper and White Tor. Behind me is the hamlet of Cudlipptown and the lane to Peter Tavy. The clapper bridge is just up the hill a bit to the right