Fur Tor, The Queen of Moor

After last weeks successful foray into the centre of the South moor, I fancied something similar. Fur Tor is always a trek, no matter which way you approach it. You can go from Postbridge, along the East Dart. You can head from Bagga Tor, across rough ground or from Lane End, through Tavy Cleave. I plumped for the latter as I hadn’t been to Tavy Cleave since 2017, which was far too long. However as I neared the hamlet of Willsworthy I could see the red flags flying on Ger Tor. I’d forgotten the basic lesson, always check the firing times, even on a Sunday in the Easter holidays. I turned and headed for Bagga Tor, knowing that this was another route to my ultimate goal, Fur Tor, but disappointed that Tavy Cleave was again missed. I quickly adapted the route to pick off the Dartmoor 365 squares that I wanted to hit but was left with a short section of ground which was a duplicate (which I don’t like). Still this is a great walk, over some rough ground, which was made easier by the recent fire which has burnt away the thicker, clumpy grasses. As a result I was able to cover the ground quicker than normal.

Start – Lane End parking

Route – Bagga Tor – Lynch Tor – Limsboro Cairn – 3 way range pole – Western Red Lake – Eastern Red Lake – Fur Tor Brook – Fur Tor – Tavy Hole – Walkham Head – Walkham Head Peat Pass – Walkham Valley – Turf House/Ninney Lane – Lynch Tor – Bagga Tor parking

Distance – 8 miles    Start time – 10.30am    Time taken – 5hrs Highest Point – Fur Tor 572 metres

Weather – Sunshine with a very cold wind, snow and hail briefly

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey FL 2021 SF
Bagga Tor parking spots, you’ll get 3 or 4 cars in here beyond the gate, Bagga Tor itself is about 50 metres to my right. Tavy Cleave is over on the right and West Devon stretches away ahead
Bagga Tor looking to Hare Tor (highest point) and Ger Tor, both with red flags flying on them
Looking up to Lynch Tor from Bagga Tor
Looking back the other way to Bagga Tor as I make my way along the Lych Way
The Limsboro Cairn and military flag pole. Great Mis Tor is back left
Lynch Tor and white fluffy clouds. Standon Hill on the right and White Tor furthest left
From left to right, Hare Tor, Sharp Tor, Great Links Tor, the Dunnagoats and Green Tor/Amicombe Hill
Looking back to Lynch Tor as a dark cloud covers White Tor. You can see the darkened grass on the right which cover a large area from here to The Meads and across to Eastern Red Lake and back to Walkham Peat Pass. A huge fire in February has taken most of the tufty grass away.
Following the firing range poles (Merrivale) down towards The Meads. Fur Tor on the right
The 3 way range pole and what looks like some rain coming across the Okehampton Range. 5 minutes later it snowed for 10 minutes and then sun came out again
Fur Tor in the distance, heading that way next across Western Red Lake
Eastern Red Lake
The River Tavy, Tavy Hole is that way, I’ll be there later
Fur Tor and the view towards the western tors of Dartmoor (Hare Tor to Great Links)
Plenty of outcrops here at Fur Tor
Looking south from Fur Tor to Great Mis Tor and North Hessary Tor, the wind was bitter up here. I remember last April I was sat in my back garden sunbathing
I love how this huge boulder is hanging, pinned in place by the upright rock. The large rock is about 3 or 4 metres from top to bottom
You can see the River Tavy wriggling away and going into Tavy Cleave, with Hare Tor up on the right, Sharp Tor furthest right. The red flags were still flying.
Tavy Hole
And again, these rocky sections are obvious on these higher sections of a river and a Dartmoor 365 spot
Errr hello, another white wall approaches
Hail and snow this time
I headed across rough ground to Walkham Head
This is the Walkham Peat Pass, the dark shape in the distance is Cut Hill
A path of sorts as I head down into the Walkham Valley or the upper parts at least. That’s Great Mis Tor in the distance
The turf house behind Lynch Tor in the Walkham Valley
Back at Lynch Tor and along the centre is the ridge to Bagga Tor
Looking south as I descend from Lynch Tor, Great Mis Tor is left, then Roos Tor, Cox Tor and White Tor on the right
And north is Hare Tor and Great Links Tor
Dartmoor pony
Lynch Tor from Bagga Gate
A new lamb on Dartmoor
Back at the car and the red flags have been taken down from Ger Tor and Hare Tor. Its a shame that the Cleave sits within the Willsworthy range and therefore is out of bounds when the Willsworthy Range is firing. Still it was a new route to Fur Tor for me but the Cleave is the best way, without a doubt

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