Great Links Tor and Kitty Tor

This is a second go at a walk I tried a few weeks ago, it was the end of a good week of weather and Saturday was forecast as the last decent day. In the end it turned out to be very hazy and the cloud came over towards the end. However it was finally good to get up Great Links Tor and I extended the original route a bit to add in Kitty Tor and Bleak House. The walk back over Doe Tor is a lovely way down, its a simple tor to get to the top of and there’s a small bridge over the Doetor Brook to take you back towards the bridge over the River Lyd.

Start – Lydford
Route – River Lyd – Little Links TorGreat Links TorHigher Dunna Goat TorLower Dunna Goat TorGreen TorKitty Tor – Bleak HouseChat TorDoe TorDoetor Brook Bridge – River Lyd
Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 9.45am     Time taken – 5hrs    Highest Point – Great Links Tor 586m
Weather – Lots of hazy sun but clouding over towards the end
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Kitty Tor 1

Looking back to the car park and hazy views to Cornwall

Kitty Tor 2

Still much better than the last time I was here

Kitty Tor 3

The stepping stones can be crossed this time as well, Arms Tor behind

Kitty Tor 4

Looking back as I climb to Little Links Tor

Kitty Tor 5

Great Nodden to the left……..

Kitty Tor 6

…..and Little Links Tor ahead

Kitty Tor 7

On Little Links Tor looking back to Arms Tor and Brat Tor

Kitty Tor 8

A short distance uphill I reach Great Links Tor trig point

Kitty Tor 9

Looking down to Little Links Tor with Great Nodden behind

Kitty Tor 10

Great Links Tor summit with the Dunna Goat Tors next on the list

Kitty Tor 11

Higher Dunna Goat first, with Green Tor opposite and Bleak House below

Kitty Tor 12

Barely a stones throw to Lower Dunna Goat, Hare Tor away to the right

Kitty Tor 13

Looking back to Great Links Tor from Lower Dunna Goat

Kitty Tor 14

Bleak House across the Rattlebrook, Green Tor right and Kitty Tor is the hill behind

Kitty Tor 15

Lower and Higher Dunna Goat from Green Tor

Kitty Tor 16

Chat Tor in the distance, the Rattlebrook is in the dip between here and there

Kitty Tor 17

After a boggy trudge across Amicombe Hill from Green Tor I arrived at Kitty Tor, High Willhays now in view

Kitty Tor 18

In view from most of this walk is Great Links Tor. I’d walked pretty much straight across this part of Amicombe Hill, I probably should have followed the path north and then east, but I thought straight lining was better

Kitty Tor 19

Lints Tor below from Kitty Tor

Kitty Tor 20

Bleak House with Lower Dunna Goat behind. The walk beside the Rattlebrook to get here was pretty soggy with my foot disappearing on at least two occasions

Kitty Tor 21

Bleak House and The Rattlebrook

Kitty Tor 22

The centre of Dartmoor from Chat Tor, Cut Hill is the high point

Kitty Tor 23

Great Links Tor again and the Dunna Goat Tors

Kitty Tor 24

Looking down to Doe Tor, cloud coming in now

Kitty Tor 25

Doe Tor summit with Brat Tor to the right

Kitty Tor 26

Brat Tor and you guessed it, Great Links Tor back right

Kitty Tor 27

Sharp Tor left and Hare Tor

Kitty Tor 28

A lovely part of Dartmoor as I walk the final path to the car behind the Dartmoor Inn in Lydford


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