Wollake Tor

This is a small tor, right in the centre of the south moor, not too far from Ducks Pool and within a 3 wood distance from Black Rocks. The tor has a decent pile with large parts of it covered in greenery and grass. However its enough to merit a tor on the list, and when you are out walking this area having 3 or 4 tops nearby helps the morale, as you are a long way from the car at this point. The views are pretty good to the south and east across Quickbeam Hill and Eastern Whitebarrow. If you are walking here then you have made the decision to be out for the day and have either started from Shipley Bridge or possibly from Whiteworks. There are no military areas near here.

Height – 432metres            OS Grid Reference – SX632670            Mark out of 10 – 7

Wollake Tor, looking along the River Erme valley, Three Barrows in the distance