Ingra Tor, Swell Tor and round to Leather Tor

Not the walk I planned, not even the alternate walk I’d planned. Originally I was going for a walk around the Plym valley, heading to Plym Steps, Grim’s Grave and lots of tors in that area. Then I changed my mind and decided to head to Princetown, then to Whiteworks and walk across Royal Hill…

A quick sunny walk around Peek Hill

With their cousins down from Swindon we didn’t have too much time for a walk today, as playing games on tablets and phones were the priority. A short drive therefore to the area above and to the west of Burrator. Its a great area that packs a punch with the views and is easy to…

A short walk around Ingra Tor and Leeden Tor

We had a bit of time on a Saturday afternoon and decided that a walk was needed, plus an ice cream. So I picked a spot where an ice cream van was guaranteed and we set off. Its been a while since I’ve been on Ingra Tor and I reversed my normal route in order…

Ingra Tor and another sunset

The weather looked promising this evening so I decided on a quick walk over Leeden Tor taking in East Tor and then Ingra Tor for the sunset. I wasn’t disappointed.

Leather Tor

We had a bit of time for a quick walk and Leather Tor seemed like a good option. The weather was amazing, still a bit of snow on the ground, a cold nip in the air and lots of blue sky.