A quick sunny walk around Peek Hill

With their cousins down from Swindon we didn’t have too much time for a walk today, as playing games on tablets and phones were the priority. A short drive therefore to the area above and to the west of Burrator. Its a great area that packs a punch with the views and is easy to get around, it is also pretty popular normally as well. Today however it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would have been and there was a reason for that. An icy northerly was keeping the crowds away and made for a cold walk. It was exactly what was need though, a nice quick walk, plenty of views and back in time for playing on electronic devices!!

Start – Sharpitor parking
Route – Sharpitor – Leather Tor – Lowery Tor – Peek Hill – Sharpitor parking
Distance – A mile maybe    Start time – 1pm     Time taken –  50mins  Highest Point – Peek Hill 400metres
Weather – Sunny, very breezy and cold

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It might look lovely here, but the wind was blowing some and opening the car door was tough. Only the ripples on the water give a clue to the cold conditions

Across Leeden Tor is the mast at Princetown and the tors around Great Mis Tor

Looking back down to the car park and beyond to Cox Tor and Brent Tor in the distance looking very dark

Sharpitor summit, all hoods and hats are on

Its a proper tor this one, a jumble of granite and stacks. the views beyond aren’t bad either. Leather Tor is on the right sticking up

Its only a short walk down to Leather Tor and the boys have found a spot out of the wind

One of the best views on the south moor. Burrator Reservoir from Leather Tor. Sheeps Tor on the other side of the water

Peek Hill from Leather Tor, Lowery Tor is just to the left and down a bit from Peek Hill summit

Leather Tor summit, with Sharpitor behind

Looking north again the Princetown and the mast

Plymouth Sound can be seen beyond Burrator

Lowery Tor now and Leather Tor in the distance

Down Tor is to the right of Leather Tor, Eylesbarrow is at the back of Down Tor

Up on Peek Hill now, the wind was pretty keen across here so we headed down sharpish

Stormtroopers on Peek Hill

Views to Cornwall and the Bodmin tors as we descend from Peek Hill

The car park and Great Mis Tor behind that. The Staple Tors are on the left. A good walk this one if you haven’t got too much time to spare.


5 thoughts on “A quick sunny walk around Peek Hill

    • Its a great spot if you have an hour an just need something short but which gives great views for little effort. The stormtrooper hats reverse to darth vadar as well, might be him next time on our walk!!

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