A short walk around Ingra Tor and Leeden Tor

We had a bit of time on a Saturday afternoon and decided that a walk was needed, plus an ice cream. So I picked a spot where an ice cream van was guaranteed and we set off. Its been a while since I’ve been on Ingra Tor and I reversed my normal route in order to enjoy the view down from Leeden Tor. I was right to do this as the sun came out and gave a fab end to a good little walk. The best part about this area is you can easily extend the walk if you have time to take in Swell Tor, Kings Tor, Foggintor and many more. It was nice to be back out with the boys again.

Start – Sharpitor parking
Route – Princetown railway track – Ingra Tor – Ingra Tor quarry – Fur Tor (Walkhampton)Yes Tor (Walkhampton)Leeden Tor – Sharpitor parking
Distance –  about 2 miles    Start time – 12.50pm     Time taken –  1hr 40mins  Highest Point – Leeden Tor 389metres
Weather – Cloudy, Sun breaking through at the end, warm

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Ice creams were bought at the start, as you can see!!

Off down the path, with the railway line path curving ahead of us

We leave the path to head up to Ingra Tor, here looking back along the way we came

Admiring the view on Ingra Tor

Cox Tor is furthest left, with the Staple Tors, Kings Tor and Great Mis Tor in view to the right

Looking up to Leeden Tor from Ingra Tor

We had a good look around Ingra Tor quarry

Back on the old railway track heading for the bridge ahead, we cross that to get to our next tor, Yes Tor. Then back across it to Fur Torc(Walkhampton)

Yes Tor (Walkhampton) with Swell Tor behind

A short hop away is Fur Tor (Walkhampton), the bridge is down there and Ingra Tor to the left. The fields of west Devon stretching away

Our next stop is Leeden Tor

Great Mis Tor between Swell Tor and Foggintor. It looks a lot darker to the north

Topping out on Leeden Tor

Sharpitor to the right and Leather Tor left from Leeden Tor

The mast at Princetown on North Hessary Tor in view for all of this walk

Blue skies and a great view to the south to Cornwall and West Devon

Just one more as we reach the car, brilliant vista.


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