Lord’s Seat, Barf and Broom Fell

The title Lord’s Seat sounds far greater than it actually is, the fact is that the area around Whinlatter and Lord’s Seat is a grassy, lumpy and sometimes boggy area of land in the North Western Fells. Now as a walker of The Wainwrights we know that at times he takes us to parts that otherwise we wouldn’t necessarily visit. However he does this for a reason, it might be a view, a scramble or an airy path. In the case of these North Western fells it might have been to make up the numbers however the view from Barf along to Keswick is brilliant and only surpassed by that of Bassenthwaite Lake which only reveals itself when on Barf. As always on these occasions Alfred was right.

Start – Darling How
Route – Graystones – Widow Hause – Broom Fell – Barf – Lord’s Seat – Aiken Plantation – Darling How
Distance – 5 1/4 miles    Start time – 12.45pm     Time taken –  4 hrs    Highest Point – Lord’s Seat 552m
Weather – Some sun and some cloud
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Lords Seat 1

Wednesday brought rain and low cloud, however……

Lords Seat 2

..it also brought this at the end of the day. The forecast for Thursday was better after lunch so an afternoon walk was planned.

Lords Seat 3

The area around Whinlatter was the destination. First was Graystones which is off camera to the left, ahead is Broom Fell which is number 2 on the list

Lords Seat 4

Looking back as I head up to Graystones, lovely autumn colours.

Lords Seat 5

Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head are the two high points to the South West

Lords Seat 6

Although I’m walking away from them both Broom Fell left and Lord’s Seat right are on the itinerary

Lords Seat 7

Lorton Vale

Lords Seat 8

Graystones summit with Broom Fell and Lord’s Seat in view. The climb up here is very steep, you will notice I haven’t come up direct from the bottom, instead heading through the forest to gain height gradually first, before a shorter steep climb up.

Lords Seat 9

Great views to Grisedale Pike from Graystones

Lords Seat 10

I head left and round the trees, then up to Broom Fell, along to the nobble that is Lord’s Seat, before returning to the car through the trees below Lord’s Seat.

Lords Seat 11

Broom Fell ahead

Lords Seat 12

The distinctive cairn on Broom Fell, Lord’s Seat behind

Lords Seat 13

Broom Fell to Grisedale Pike

Lords Seat 14

And looking back to Graystones

Lords Seat 15

Clouds skimming the summit of Skiddaw

Lords Seat 16

The path to Lord’s Seat

Lords Seat 17

First though I skirted past Lord’s Seat and headed down to Barf

Lords Seat 18

A mirror finish in Bassenthwaite Lake (the only lake in the Lake District, the rest are waters and meres)

Lords Seat 19

Great view of Skiddaw from Barf

Lords Seat 20

The Vale of Keswick, with Keswick the town in the middle

Lords Seat 21

Another view of Keswick on the walk back to Lord’s Seat

Lords Seat 22

Lord’s Seat summit looking to Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head

Lords Seat 23

Lord’s Seat summit and Skiddaw

Lords Seat 24

And again, this time looking to Broom Fell and Graystones

Lords Seat 25

On the way down, I’m heading for the line through the trees to the bottom right

Lords Seat 26

Looking back up to Lord’s Seat

Lords Seat 27

Autumn in Whinlatter

Lords Seat 28

Broom Fell left and Lord’s Seat to the right of the tree as I look back again

Lords Seat 29

Sunset between the Whinlatter trees as I approach Darling How at the end of a good walk


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