Grasmoor, Wandope and Rannerdale Knotts

A look at the weather for The Lake District for the rest of the week I was here, suggested Tuesday would be the best day that was left. With heavy rain on Wednesday and some rain each of the rest of the days. I decided therefore to hit a bigger fell whilst the views would still be with me. Grasmoor is the highest of the North Western fells and grouping it with Wandope and Whiteless Pike provides a good round walk, a finish along Rannerdale Knotts gives it an extra gloss, to an already superb walk. The ascent up Lad Hows was steep, but there are worse up Grasmoor, the path was excellent and easy to follow only a tricky scree section near the top to worry about. The strong wind made it an tricky experience but not too bad, the rest of the path and views though made for a fine walk. Highly recommended.

Start – Hause Point, Rannerdale
Route – Rannerdale – Lad Hows – Grasmoor – Wandope – Thirdgill Man – Whiteless Pike – Whiteless Breast – Rannerdale Knotts – Hause Point
Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 8.45am     Time taken –  5 hrs    Highest Point – Grasmoor 852m
Weather – Sunny, some cloud and blowing a hoolie!!
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Grasmoor 1

On the drive down to Loweswater, it looks like it is going to be a sunny day

Grasmoor 2

Grasmoor from the car park at Rannerdale

Grasmoor 3

Autumn in Rannerdale with Whiteless Pike behind

Grasmoor 4

Mellbreak across Crummock Water

Grasmoor 5

Rannerdale Knotts my last fell of the day, the High Stile ridge behind

Grasmoor 6

Almost at the top of Lad Hows with the ridge to Grasmoor leading onwards

Grasmoor 7

Crummock Water with Mellbreak to the left and Loweswater in the distance

Grasmoor 8

Hazy day across the top end of Rannerdale

Grasmoor 9

Above Lad Hows now

Grasmoor 10

The steep path slowly zigzags up to Grasmoor

Grasmoor 11

Rannerdale Knotts and Lad Hows way below as I climb the last part to Grasmoor, had to kneel to take this photo in the wind

Grasmoor 12

Whiteless Pike below

Grasmoor 13

Wandope with the Helvellyn ridge away in the distance

Grasmoor 14

Grasmoor summit shelter, much needed today, with some strange clouds over The Scafells

Grasmoor 15

Lovely, just windy, very windy!!

Grasmoor 16

Like a mushroom! The Scafells with Great Gable just to the left

Grasmoor 17

Flat topped Grasmoor, Skiddaw the dark fell in the distance

Grasmoor 18

Layers and layers

Grasmoor 19

Grisedale Pike looks very pointy from here as I head towards Wandope

Grasmoor 20

The ridge to Whiteless Pike

Grasmoor 21

Looking back to Grasmoor

Grasmoor 22

Wandope summit with Ard Crags below and the Helvellyn ridge in the distance

Grasmoor 23

Sail Beck way below which leads down to Buttermere

Grasmoor 24

Whiteless Pike ahead, Buttermere to its left and a piece of Crummock Water to the right

Grasmoor 25

Looking back up to Thirdgill Man left and Wandope to the right (you have to cross to Thirdgill Man to come down the ridge to Whiteless Pike)

Grasmoor 26

The brilliant Lad Hows ridge to Grasmoor

Grasmoor 27

Heading down Whiteless Breast with views to Buttermere and the High Stile ridge all the way down. The car park and road on the left is at Newlands Hause.

Grasmoor 28

The final fell of Rannerdale Knotts and fabulous views along Crummock Water

Grasmoor 29

Grasmoor left, Whiteless Pike on the right from the ridge along Rannerdale Knotts

Grasmoor 30

Buttermere from Rannerdale Knotts

Grasmoor 31

Low Fell at the far end of Crummock Water

Grasmoor 32

Buttermere again as I head back to the car down off the front of Rannerdale Knotts


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