Sale Fell

Friday broke and the weather wasn’t overly kind, the cloud was down again however it said brighter things would be with the Western Lakes by midday. I headed out after lunch for something easy, something new and preferably something not boggy (after all the rain we’d had!). I decided on a little North Western fell which was a simple 10 minute drive from Dean (where I was staying) and required very little effort. In fact I’d say this is the easiest Wainwright I have climbed to date.

Start – Roadside Wythop Church
Route – Sale Fell – Wythop Church
Distance – 2 miles    Start time – 12.50pm     Time taken –  1 hr    Highest Point – Sale Fell 359m
Weather – Cloudy but warm
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Sale Fell 1

Lake Bassenthwaite and Binsey as I make my way up from the church

Sale Fell 2

Wythop Church in the trees

Sale Fell 3

More of Bassenthwaite as I climb a bit higher

Sale Fell 4

Looking back down the path

Sale Fell 5

Skiddaw with its head in the clouds as always

Sale Fell 6

Where I was yesterday, although I had no clouds then. Broom Fell with a wispy cloud on the right and Lord’s Seat to the left in the cloud

Sale Fell 7

Sale Fell summit looking to nearby Ling Fell

Sale Fell 8

Skiddaw from Sale Fell, Dodd to the right

Sale Fell 9

Dodd on the left, looking towards Keswick from Sale Fell

Sale Fell 10

Zooming in on Dodd

Sale Fell 11

And again on Keswick with St Johns church spire clear to see

Sale Fell 12

The cloud clears from Lord’s Seat

Sale Fell 13

Not sure this has a name, but that’s Embleton village on the right so I’ll call it Embleton Vale!!

Sale Fell 14

Inside Wythop Church and back to the car

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